Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Down

One reason I hadn't been writing on this blog was because I have been studying to be a Personal Trainer. I have really wanted to do it for a long time. My gym approached me with the offer that they would pay for me to attend the AFAA PFT cert that they were going to host in January for free. That meant so much to me and seemed like the perfect timing! It's a 3-day/all day training with a practical and written test on the last day. I was up for the task. That was the end of September. I was very excited to be "legit". Especially when writing on the blog. To be able to share information that really had some meat to it so to speak. I can honestly say, though I had been out of any sort of study mode for almost 9 years {gah, I'm oooold!}, I really was loving all the stuff I was learning. I was excited to bring it all to fruition. I sort of felt like I knew it was what I was meant to be doing. Then, two days ago, the training was cancelled. They did not have enough people signed up for the class to make. While, I sort of wondered if it was going to happen, it really made me sad. All the studying. All the excitement and feelings of affirmation, only to find that it wasn't going to happen. Hopefully, our club will try to host another training in May. If not, I have decided that I am going to pay the pricey fee and go elsewhere to do it. I am not sure what the Lord's plan is here. Maybe something is going to happen in the meantime. Maybe I needed more preparation. Who knows. I am just trusting that I will eventually be able to become a trainer. So, for now, I will simply write to you as a "lay" person {wink wink}. I found out some fascinating things I would love to share. In the meantime, I will just be inspired by some of your stories that get me excited to be an 'official' professional! xoxo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How's Your January?

So, you might have noticed, the lull in posts. Not intentional, I love this blog. I believe in this blog. I am hoping to be back in the swing! Every time I teach a class, or go to the gym, I am feeling more and more inspired to write! There was a little hiatus for many reasons--the blog basically has to take a backseat behind family and other life obligations {maybe I will one day get paid for it *sigh*}!
Let me ask is January going? Was it the usual resolution to get in shape? What steps have you taken to making this year work? What separates you from the "white sneakers" {my term for people who join the gym in January and fizzle in February}? I would love to hear from you all--if there is anyone out there who is still reading!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SKIP the WHIP!!!

Hold the {coffee} presses!! Zowee! I know how many of us looove to drive thru on a crazy cold, hectic morning and get ourselves a nice latte at Starbucks. I want to share some alarming news with ya what may determine how you order from now on!
A grande peppermint mocha made the usual way with WHIPPED CREAM is a whopping 420 calories and 18 grams of fat!! Whoa there! You'd be better off eating a regular hamburger at Wendy's! But get this, make it a non-fat Peppermint latte with NO WHIPPED CREAM and you knock it down to 280 calories with only 3 grams of fat! Huge difference! Calories are tricky, especially when it comes to drinking them because we don't always think about it. I say, be smart and skip the whip!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 Foods for a Healthier Thanksgiving

I found these from the P90X, Beachbody newsletter. I thougt they were great, but also very do-able. Nothing was weirdo foods! I say eat and enjoy and hit the ground running {or kicking, or zumba-ing, or walking, or ellipticalling} on Friday!!

1. Turkey. You can't beat lean turkey breast. With 8 grams of protein and only 44 calories and 1 gram of fat per ounce, this is one of the healthiest things you can load up on. Even the dark meat only adds an extra gram of fat and 9 more calories per ounce. But skip the skin, which adds extra calories and fat, and go light on the gravy. Try the salad-dressing technique—dip the tines of your fork in the gravy before you spear your meat to get more flavor with less fat. Also, if you're cooking, baste the bird with broth, not butter, to keep the fat and calories low.

2. Cranberries. These tart little berries are bursting with nutrition, including high levels of vitamin C and several polyphenol antioxidants. Cranberries are also good for inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the bladder and urethra. It's also believed that cranberries contain a chemical that helps stop tooth decay, but this could be moot if the cranberries are prepared with sugar. Instead of going overboard with the sugar, try cooking cranberries in orange juice, or a little port wine, to bring out their flavor without oversweetening them.

3. Yams. These tasty tubers (not to be confused with sweet potatoes) are great sources of vitamin B6, which can reduce the risk of heart disease, and potassium, which can help regulate blood pressure. And because yams contain complex carbohydrates and fiber, they won't spike your blood sugar. Candying the yams, a popular Thanksgiving tradition, will largely negate any blood sugar benefits, however. Try having them with a little cinnamon instead. They're generally sweet enough on their own, but if your guests insist on candying them, maybe serve them with a little maple syrup on the side, so at least the sugar rush is optional.

4. Sweet potatoes. Like their relative the yam, sweet potatoes have lots of nutrients that regular potatoes don't have, including beta-carotene and vitamin C. The high levels of carotenoids in sweet potatoes also help regulate blood sugar, which will help you avoid the post-Thanksgiving "coma" that afflicts so many overindulgers after the big holiday meal. Although, once again, you can easily counteract the nutritional benefits by melting marshmallows on top of the sweet spuds. But at least marshmallows can be easily scraped off, as opposed to the poor candied yam, which would have to be scrubbed and soaked to get it back to its natural nutritious state.

5. Salad. Load up on salad! And by salad, we mean lettuce and vegetables, not a cream-based Waldorf salad or mayonnaise-laden potato or macaroni salad. This is a good contribution you can make if you're a guest at someone else's Thanksgiving dinner. Offer to bring a salad, with dressing on the side, and you'll at least be guaranteed that there will be one healthy dish on the table.

6. Pumpkin pie. When you're looking at the dessert selection, keep in mind that a slice of pumpkin pie has as much beta-carotene as an entire carrot. Take that, apple pie! It's also high in vitamin C. Unfortunately, it can oftentimes also be high in fat and sugar. But if you're making the pie, you can substitute skim milk for cream or sweetened condensed milk. Some chefs even add silken tofu to thicken the pie filling and provide the extra health benefits of soy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey I-Phone Users...

...get this app ASAP!! My Fitness Pal. My friend, Elizabeth, introduced me to this app the other day and I think it is amazing! You bascially enter in your personal info, amount of weight you would like to lose, gain or maintain, and it will calculate for you the amount of calories you need to consume a day. Essentially, it is an electronic food and exercise diary. You enter in all of your food intake--which I LOVE because it has most mainstream restaurant dishes and their calories and also foods you eat at home. So cool. You also can gage your exercise caloric burn. You can also keep a diary at home on-line. Just love it. And get this: It's FREE. Check it out ta-day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Try This Instead

Instead of going out for icecream, I HIGHLY suggest looking into Orange Cup! Oh. My. Word. It is a dream come true. It's real yogurt with the goodies! Live & active cultures make it healthy and it is frozen and yummy! You get to pick from different toppings and based on your yogurt size and toppings, they print out a little label with all the nurtrional value and stick it on your cup!!! It's just super fun! Google it and see if you have one in your area! Psssst! Waco peeps, we have one! It's on Baylor campus in the gas station with the Subway! I taste a date night coming on!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Junkie Recommendation: The Serena Williams Interval Run

Disclaimer: Though I endorse this product, there is no way in you know where that you will ever get the kind of jacked body that Serena has.

While on vacation, I did manage to drag myself to the resort's gym 4 times. They had a lot of treadmills. So I figured the best and most efficient thing for me to do was to run. After a couple of sessions, I got bored. Thumbing thru some music on my Ipod, I ran across an untitled track. It was a forgotten treasure!!! My Serena Williams Interval Run! It's a music-driven, interval challenge with Serena coming on to cue your speed. I like it! The music is pretty decent. And I actually am challenged by her taunting {as cheesy as that sounds}. Let's just be honest, we all want to please Serena Williams! So, yes, it is motivating as well as challenging. I also think it is best to try it on the treadmill because you can actually see your progress each run {i.e. you ran 2.7 the first time, but 3.1 the second time}. You can improve your speed and distance. You can also do it outside, I have done it and it is very difficult!!! I would NOT recommend doing it outside in the peak heat of the day! I also would only do it a couple of times a week max. With the music being the same, and you begin to memorize the cues...boredom will set in. Definitely a great way to increase calorie burn on a humdrum run! I believe there are 2 runs to download. You can find it on Itunes!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer is Coming to an End...What's Your Plan???

Ok ya'll. Summer is drawing to a close. The kids are going back to school. You are taking your last vacay {this pic is actually where I am going! yipeeee!} and your fitness may have, well...taken a vacation too.
So, I want to pose a question: What is your fitness goal for the Fall? Are you going to finally join the gym? Bust out the old workout videos? Run a 5K? 10K? Half marathon? Maybe you are just going to step on the gas a little bit because your summer has been busy with other things. Whatever it is...we wanna know about it!
No doubt, it's not fun to "get back in the game" when you have been out of it for so long. That's why you need a plan. Don't just say, "I need to go work out Monday." What ARE YOU GOING TO DO MONDAY? Get your plan in gear.
Here are a few things you can do to get yourself motivated:

1. Call your local gyms and see if they have any specials going on for new members. Chances are they do!
2. If you just had a baby, call another mama who did too and vow to get back in shape together! Even if you don't know eachother well, it is a great way to get some "me" time in and make a new friend! Invite her to your favorite class or go the free route--walk or run in eachothers neighborhood!
3. Call around and check for Free {or donation based} classes. In our area, there are several awesome free Zumba classes! Keep in mind, the instructors are doing it out of the goodness of their heart, so a "LOVE offering" is most polite!
4. CHALLENGE yourself. If you have been working out all summer, chances are things might get a little hum-drum. Find a new challenge for yourself. If you are a runner, add a couple of long swims in. If you are a cardio junkie, try to add a yoga in once a week {ok, this is MY GOAL!}.
5. Take advantage of the bad TV! If you are like me, summer is a bummer for TV watching {ok, except all of the 'House Wives' on Bravo}. Check your on-demand channels if you have them! I have Fitness-on-demand {time warner} and they have lots of GREAT at-home workouts! You can also bust out your favorite or try a new fitness DVD--it's great to workout in the A.C.!
I'd LOVE to know your plans for the rest of the Summer and into the Fall! What are you going to do to get back into gear?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rev-Up Your Metabolism

SORRY. SO SORRY! I am very behind. I have been gone a lot and my posse is MIA. We are going to re-convene and get some new stuff for ya! This summer has been busy, but it's about time to regain our focus and connect with all of you! My mind is bursting at the seams with ideas, I never seem to run out of them when it comes to fitness! I just need to get my bearings together! We still need to go to the Jazzercise class and WILL GO so stay tuned...

I read an article in Fitness magazine {I HIGHLY recommend this as opposed to US weekly--ha!} and thought it would be a great post! The fact of the matter is, some of us have genetically great metabolisms and some of us have a bit slower ones. The luck of the draw stinks, but experts believe that you CAN boost your metabolism to maximize calorie burn and weight loss potential!
All of the info is from FITNESS Magazine and so check it out!!!

The M Factor
Metabolism sounds mysterious and complicated, but it's actually pretty simple: It's the amount of energy (aka calories) our bodies need daily. About 70 percent of those calories are used for basic functions, such as
breathing and blood circulation, says Rochelle Goldsmith, PhD, director of the Exercise Physiology Lab at Columbia University Medical Center. Another 20 percent is fuel for physical activity, including working out, fidgeting, walking, and even holding our bodies upright while standing. The remaining 10 percent helps us digest what we eat (it's true; eating burns calories!). The trouble begins when you consume more calories than your body needs to do these things: That's when you pack on the pounds.
You can partly thank your parents for the speed of your metabolism. Genes contribute to the levels of appetite-control hormones we have floating around in our bodies, Goldsmith explains. "Some people are genetically programmed to be active; they're naturally restless and use more energy," she says. Those are the lucky high-metabolism types.
Gender also plays a role. "The average man's metabolism is about 10 to 15 percent higher than a woman's," Goldsmith notes. That's mainly because men have more muscle mass than women do, which means they burn more calories. "Muscle does the work to help you move, while fat just sits there," says John Porcari, PhD, a FITNESS advisory board member and director of the clinical exercise physiology program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Not only that, but women's bodies are designed to hold on to body fat in case of pregnancy.
The good news is, you can make your metabolism faster, experts say, despite genetics and gender. These are the 10 simple secrets to boosting it big-time.

Part 1: Get Moving!
1. Exercise more often.
Working out is the number-one way to keep your furnace cranking. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn all day. That's because muscle uses energy even when you're resting. Exercise enough and you can help prevent the natural metabolic slowdown that can begin as early as your late twenties, according to Goldsmith.
Your amp-it-up game plan: five workouts a week. "Do three days of aerobic activity and two days of weight lifting," advises Shawn Talbott, PhD, an exercise physiologist, nutritional biochemist, and the executive producer of Killer at Large, a documentary about the U.S. obesity epidemic.

2. Kick up your cardio.
Aerobic intervals will help you maximize your burn, doubling the number of calories you torch during a
workout, studies show. Intervals also keep your metabolic rate higher than a steady-pace routine does for as long as an hour after you stop exercising, according to Michele Olson, PhD, a FITNESS advisory board member and professor of exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama. That means you could blast as many as 65 additional calories after your sweat session. The ideal metabolism-boosting interval routine is to "go hard for a couple of minutes, then take it down to an easier pace for a minute or two, and keep alternating like that throughout your workout," Talbott says.
Just pick your
cardio carefully. Aim for exercises that require your body to work its hardest by using a lot of muscle groups, Talbott says. That means running is better than cycling. Or try a cardio circuit. "Do a variety of activities -- like running stadium stairs, jumping rope, and squat thrusts -- for two minutes each, aiming for a total of 10 minutes," Olson says. "That will really rock your metabolism."

3. Put some muscle behind it.
Too many women steer clear of weight machines, fearing that they'll bulk up. Or they work only their
legs and skip their arms. Don't make this mistake. A head-to-toe strength routine will turbocharge your calorie-blasting quotient. Add five pounds of muscle to your body and you can zap as many as 600 calories an hour during your workout, Olson says. Be sure to choose a weight-lifting routine that targets your core, legs, arms, chest, and shoulders; challenging numerous muscles will help your body function like a calorie-burning machine, according to Goldsmith.

Part 2: Eat Your Way Slim
4. Don't skip meals.
We know you're superbusy, but make sure you grab lunch. "Simply chewing, digesting and absorbing food kicks your metabolism into gear," says Jim White, RD, a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.
"The more frequently you eat, the more often it revs up." Conversely, missing a meal, or going too long between meals, brings your metabolism to a crawl. "Your body switches into starvation mode and your system slows down to conserve energy," White explains. Keep your engine humming by having three healthy meals of 300 to 400 calories and two snacks of 200 to 300 calories every day, he advises.

5. Fill up on smart foods.
Start by serving yourself protein at every sitting, says Darwin Deen, MD, medical professor in the department of community health and social medicine at City College of
New York and a coauthor of Nutrition for Life. Not only does your body need it to help build lean muscle mass, but protein also takes more calories to digest. To get your fix, have low-fat yogurt at breakfast, chicken in your salad at lunch, and salmon for dinner. Between meals, snack on protein-rich walnuts. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help promote weight loss by increasing your feelings of fullness, according to a recent study in the journal Appetite.
While you're at it, eat more foods that slowly release the sugar you need for sustained energy, like high-fiber fruits and veggies and whole-grain breads and pastas. Munch a food high in fiber three hours before your
workout and you'll also burn extra fat, a study at the University of Nottingham in England found. Sipping java can also help. "Caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline, which speeds up the metabolism," White says. Research shows that caffeine can significantly accelerate your burn. Just limit yourself to no more than two cups a day; too much caffeine can overtax your system, resulting, ironically, in fatigue.

6. Eat breakfast.
It will switch your metabolism from idle to high speed. That's because your level of cortisol, a hormone that helps you use calories to build muscle, is highest just before you get up in the morning. When you eat an a.m. meal, your body is primed to turn those calories into muscle pronto -- the only time during the day this happens. Take advantage of the natural torching process by having a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, low-fat turkey bacon, and a piece of whole-grain toast.

Part 3: Small Changes, Big Results
7. Get off your butt.
Sitting too much -- at the computer at work, at home in front of the TV -- slows your metabolism, even if you're exercising regularly. An easy fix is to
stretch, stroll, and fidget throughout the day. That's what scientists call NEAT, or nonexercise activity thermogenesis, and it can boost your burn and help you drop weight, says James Levine, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and author of Move a Little, Lose a Lot. The proof: In a study of lean volunteers who were fed extra calories, those who paced frequently, for example, maintained their weight, while the people who did no additional walking got chubbier. If you take advantage of every opportunity to walk and climb stairs, it can make a big difference. "A woman who needs to lose weight would have to burn about 190 to 200 extra calories a day to lose 10 percent of her body weight, which you can do by increasing your overall activity level," Goldsmith says. "Try striding around your house or office when you're on the phone, standing up at your desk whenever you can, and walking to your coworker's cube instead of e-mailing her."

8. Go to bed earlier.
Deprive yourself of sleep and your body starts to respond as if it were under siege. "When you get two hours less shut-eye than you normally do, your system becomes stressed and produces about 50 percent more cortisol," Talbott says. "That in turn triggers your appetite."
At the same time, lack of zzz's throws the body's hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin out of whack, making you more likely to overeat. Skimp on pillow time for too long and you could be facing a serious weight problem, says Michael Breus, PhD, author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor's 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health. In a 16-year study of sleep-deprived women published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, researchers found that those who slept seven to eight hours a night had the lowest risk for major weight gain, while women who got six hours a night were 12 percent more likely to pile on a significant number of pounds, and those who logged five hours or less were 32 percent more likely to gain weight.

9. Schedule a nighttime workout.
Do a 20- to 30-minute moderate-intensity
cardio routine before you hit the hay to keep your metabolism humming all night, Porcari says. The average woman's metabolic rate naturally decreases by about 15 percent while she sleeps, but an end-of-day sweat session will make the drop closer to 5 percent, he explains. So take the dog for an evening walk or go for a bike ride with your family after dinner. And don't worry that the activity will keep you awake: As long as you exercise at least two and a half hours before lights out, you should be able to drift off with no problem, Breus says.

10. Check your meds.
Some of the most dramatic metabolic dips occur when women start taking birth control pills and widely prescribed antidepressants known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. "These drugs commonly slow the metabolism because they affect the functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates how our bodies use energy," says Kent Holtorf, MD, a thyroidologist and the founder of the National Academy of Hypothyroidism. Depo-Provera, a contraceptive that's injected every three months, seems to cause the most weight gain. "It's high in the hormone progestin, which stimulates insulin secretion, leading to increased appetite and a lowered metabolism," Dr. Holtorf explains. "It also signals the body to store fat." (Oral contraceptives, which contain less progestin, aren't as problematic.) If you've recently started taking any new medication and the scale is inching upward, ask your doc if there's an alternative treatment that is less likely to cause weight gain.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jazzercise Comeback??

I wanna know...does anyone out there among our few readers Jazzercise??? There is a studio where I live and I am trying to fanagle a couple of the Junkies to come with me to try it {neither of which have given me a green light}! Maybe it's because it used to look like this... ...the quintesential 80's mom workout? I remember my mama doing it when I was about 4.

Supposedly, it is revamped. My young cousin-in-law asked me about it the other day. She said a lot of people in the Austin area are doing it. They even have Cheryl Burke of DWTS as a sponsor.
Well, heck, if everybody's doin' it--I shoud do it to! As always, I am up for a challenge, so I think I will drag my Junkies up to the studio and see what's it about! We will be posting a review after we visit! I am wondering if I should bust the leg warmers out...or at least tease my bangs a bit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Are You Holding Back?

Sometimes when we are going thru something emotional, we need a place of solice. I feel that when I work out. It's one of the only times in my day where I can pray, take everything in and let loose. Infact, today about 2 miles into my early morning run, I was listening to a slow love song of all things, and just burst into tears. They were tears of gratitude and thanks. I was thanking God for my husband. Thinking on what a gift he is to me. I know it is a little corny, but my mind was totally free and clear and just in the moment. I was letting it all out! I can't imagine what people driving by must've thought--they probably thought I had pulled a muscle!

In my classes I see that a lot. Just people holding back. Worrying about what they look like. Worrying about if they are doing it right. Thinking about other things. Let the worry go! Put your full self out there for the hour you are working out! Work to the max. Work to the point of exhilaration! I'm not saying you have to cry like me, but put it all on the line! I think you would see a difference in your performance and outcome!

By the way, I was listening to Ben Folds Five's "The Luckiest" when I had my emotional bit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Move of the Week


What you need:
2 paper plates {or gliders if you have them handy}
A clear path to move forward and back

Start by getting on your knees and placing the feet on the gliders. Slowly walk out to a yoga plank. Using your arms, walk forward 10 steps, then back 10 steps. Repeat 3 times. Rest and repeat 3 more. Burn!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok, I want to give you a limited review of P90X. P90X is a muscle confusion system of 12 different workouts. Muscle confusion is basically a training thought of introducing many different moves so that your body does not plateau. A fun fact about P90X is that it is the most profitable infomercial product of all time! My bro-in-law and his wife have been doing it for almost 3 months. They let B and I borrow a couple of the workouts {the Ply-O and Core Synergystics} to try out. I loved both workouts. They were challenging and creative. The Core Synergystics was a huge challenge for me and probably would be to most women who have given birth in the past couple of years! I also like their diet plan. Some people follow and some don't. B&K do the diet and you actually eat a lot. You eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. It's really just an amped up way of healthy eating. Probably best to follow it too, especially if you have a hard time eating healthy, it will teach you and ,of course, healthy eating makes your body get ultimate results!

Overall, from what I saw, it gets a thumbs up! Like I said, I did not do the whole thing. I watched B do the yoga {heehee} and it was also really great and intense.

--I have never heard/seen anyone who did not get results from the workouts!
--In-home convenience
--Great diet plan
--Workouts are easy to follow and show modifications for all levels.
--Great workout that allows you to chart your progress {i.e. were not able to do any pull ups first day, at the end, you could do 5 pull-ups, etc.}
--GREAT GREAT GREAT workout to do alongside the ol' ball and chain!!

--I felt it is very male-oriented. If I was a beginner fitness level and not married, I am not sure I could see myself wanting to do P90X at home. I would probably rather do Turbo Jam or ChaLEAN extreme {which is sort of a P90X for women}.
--I still don't like home workouts. I am very gym-oriented.
--Tony Horton {the creator/trainer}, is a GENIUS. However, he is not on beat with the music! HA! That is a trivial thing to some of you, but as an instructor who uses music to cue, it drives me bonkers!
--Since it is has a specific time frame in which you finish, it is hard to know what you would do next after the 90 days. There is a maintenance plan, but honestly, I am not sure what all that entails.

I would love to hear your thoughts! I might remind you, that I did not complete the entire program. I am just reviewing what I know from doing a few sessions and reading about the plan! I say, if you are needing another home program, it is a great one to check into! Especially if you want the hubby to get in shape with ya!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waiting For My Time

When the boys and I walked in the garage door after finishing my boot camp class at the YMCA, Creighton lifted his wrist to me and out of the blue, asked, "Mom, how many calories does my "watch" say I burned?" You can tell I must spend a bit of time focused on watching those calories and my heart rate numbers change on this watch on my wrist! My three and a half year old thinks his child-care name band from the Y records the same data. Exactly the perspective I need on this weight loss from an innocent, precious child!

I am now nine months postpartum. I know it took me nine months to put on my forty pounds and I shouldn't assume anything less than nine months to get the weight off my body. I am still not in my pre preggo clothes. I am still frustrated and disappointed some days that I don't weigh a certain number, especially as sweet Griffin's first birthday draws closer and closer.

My hubby graciously purchased the Polar for me a few weeks ago and I'll be honest, the watch has really changed how I work out. My entire view of my workout has been altered based on the simple fact that I can set and maintain a goal fit for myself. More importantly, I can watch that occur from the convenience of my wrist. I never realized how much I need to know and understand my own body. The way I function before and during and after a workout. The way I function differently than those who also work out with me and around me. I didn't know my resting heart rate. I didn't know I could burn hundreds of calories in a relatively short amount of time. I didn't know working out of my zone could and would change my style of workout or the amount of effort I am required to exert. I just didn't know how it could change my life.

This whole post baby weight loss journey has changed my life. It's changed me.

When Griffin was twelve weeks old, I returned to the gym. On my own terms, I was going about three or four days a week, doing things I thought should be helping me drop the weight. Treadmill, Elliptical, Biking. I would work out my forty-five minutes, burn a few hundred calories, head home, tired, a bit sweaty and ready to eat dinner. For months and months, the number on my scale read the exact same number. I'll be honest, I was quite frustrated about the fact that everything I was doing was not producing obvious results. I continued to press on. I watched others around me, having babies after me, zipping up their skinny jeans as I still put on my maternity ones. {Note to all: Do not compare yourself with others! Set personal weight and exercise goals based on you- anything different is not healthy and can cause even more mental anguish! And though it's so difficult in times such as this, be happy with who God has created YOU to be, not your friends, your neighbors, your family.}

I realized I was basically waisting my time. I wasn't doing the kinds of exercises that would help me with my weight loss journey. I needed to step it up! Maybe you're in a rut and need some "step it up" kinds of workouts. Let me know and I'll share the ones Nicki created for me.

I've been working out consistently for about two months now, maybe a bit longer. I go almost every, single week day, with an occasional weekend workout, between five to six o'clock in the morning. Determined to get up and get the day started doing something I often times dread, but feel rewarded and energized afterwards.

Then, Easter came and I became even more overwhelmed about my image. How could working out not help me drop these pounds? I decided to start my healthy {or healthier} eating lifestyle. We dropped ground beef for ground turkey, we eat cereal and sandwiches rather than pizza and Mexican food, I do not allow any desserts to touch my lips. I was sure the weight would eventually come off. I'm working out and eating "right." My husband has long reached his goal weight. I'm still sitting on the exact same numbers.

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm going to body shaping two days a week followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio, boot camp one day followed by my own cardio routine of sorts, some additional work outs with my Junkie{s}, and a here and there video of sorts.

I've altered my workout. I started monitoring my heart rate. I started studying how many calories I burn each day during my workout, pushing myself to burn more and more each time. I'm starting to really sweat.

Just last week (ironically, after eating my first chocolate chip cookie in months), I finally lost 1-2 pounds!!! Not ideally what I would want, but I feel better knowing how hard I'm working to achieve these goals I've set for myself and one day, the weight will have to come off. Right?

I'm learning, it just takes time! For me, it takes more time. That may be the case for you too.

However, watch out!

When it's time for my body {and yours} to drop these additional pounds, I'll {we'll} be so, so ready!

Until then, I just look at my 23.4lb baby boy and have no choice but to smile knowing he was so worth all this extra weight! And I'll continue to wait! Loosing each and every pound {and hopefully inch} the hard way. The workout, healthy eating way. The way that's also creating healthy habits for me, my hubby and my boys. That, I'm for sure proud of and dare I say, I am even loving my work outs!

For all of you also struggling to see the weight come off, hang in there! It could also be for you, that it just takes {more} time!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Beginnings!

Well, I am now the pregnant cardio junkie! Yes, my second baby is due November 5, and we are thrilled! However, this has really changed my workout schedule. Dealing with TONS of morning sickness and exhaustion has really put a damper on my early morning workouts. Also, I went through a miscarriage earlier this year, so when I found out I was pregnant again, I was terrified to workout. I was so afraid I was going to do something that would harm the baby. After talking with Nicki, she calmed my fears and told me that I just needed to do what felt comfortable to me.(check out her previous pregnancy post)

I have decided to take my workout intensity down which means I have stopped my favorite class...turbo kickboxing :( I have also made a goal to still workout 4-5 times a week doing light cardio on the elliptical, treadmill, and bike, and also trying to get up for the 5:30AM body shaping class when I can. Yesterday was my first day back at the Y, and it felt wonderful! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical doing sport intervals and 15 minutes walking on the treadmill on an incline of 7.

If you are pregnant, do what you feel is best for your body! If you can maintain that intensity for a while, then go for it! If you want to take it down a notch, that's great, too! Even just walking in your neighborhood is good for your baby! So, here's to my new beginning! I will keep you updated on how my workouts continue throughout the pregnancy.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recovery Heart Rate

I was TRYING to tell fellow 'junkie', Kimbo, all about Resting heart rates this morning and how they correlate with your fitness level and weight loss. Seems so complicated. All I know is my heart heart rate monitor has really changed the way I work out! I went home and researched what a healthy RHR should be. Of course, the answer varies. Mostly what I read is typically the healthier you are/become the lower your RHR will and should be. However, that is not always the case. The best time to check you RHR is right when you get out of bed in the morning to get a more accurate indication {p.s. don't check it at a stressful point like trying to get your children to stop coloring on the kitchen wall}. I read this ACE {American Council on Exercise} answer in case any of you wanted to know what yours may be. I have read articles that say you are "normal" if you are 65-80 beats per minute. Mine is about 58-60. Lance Armstrong's is 32.

I also read that a better indicator of your fitness level could depend on your recovery heart rate. The recovery heart rate is a measurement of how well your heart recovers after exercise. It is measured one minute after exercise and is the rate at which your heart beats drop each minute. People who are very fit will see that their heart rate drops very quckly after exercise. It recovers well. This is a much better measurement of one’s fitness.

Do any of you experts {Lindsey, Marisa}, have any thoughts on this? I would love to know!

I know I harp on and on about this, but I think a Heart rate monitor is SUCH a good idea to have {Mother's Day gift, hint, hint}! I am so fascinated with the science and art of excercise. I should have changed my major earlier. So now, 3 of the 4 junkies have our heart rate monitors and I am so excited about it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Done with the StairMaster

I wanted to report on here that I am officially never going to use the StairMaster again. Some of you may love it; more power to you! It does not agree with me for some reason. Recently, I really pushed myself and did some walk/run intervals. It was hard, but I felt great. Afterwards, I got on the StairMaster and started stepping. After about 30 seconds, I slowed down the speed. Then I stopped, took a drink of water, and started again. After about a minute of a slower speed, I started feeling nauseous. I kept on thinking it'd go away. It didn't. When my StairMaster hit 3 minutes, I hopped off and headed to the bathroom, thinking I was about to throw up. I thought it must have been the bacon, eggs, and toast I had just eaten that was causing my stomach to be upset. Well, I managed to run outside and shake off the nausea with a little fresh air! A few days later, I was working out in the morning with Nicki. We did a few difficult, but great things. I pushed myself and felt so good about it. Then, we got on the StairMaster. I had just had a breakfast bar this time, so I thought I'd be fine. Well, I began to feel nauseous again! Nicki laughed as I had almost all of my weight resting on the machines! Then I felt it happening. Nicki had me pacing to help it go away, but it didn't. We walked as quickly as we could to the back, stepped outside, and I threw up. We got a good laugh out of it, feeling like we were on a reality fitness show. I don't understand why that machine does that to me!! I am no stranger to intense workouts, but apparently this machine is just too intense for me. :)


Everyone needs to try this. Wake up just as the sun is peeking in thru the blinds. Throw on your running shoes {even if you are not a runner} and go outside and enjoy a nice jog. Not a walk. A jog. A run. This time of year when it is brisk, not hot, and not cold {or at least in Texas} is my FAVORITE time to have morning runs. They clear my mind. I solve some of the world problems in my head. Enjoy a talk with the Lord. Listen to some fun music and daydream. Try it today. Breathe in the air thru your nose. Even if you don't normally run, try it tomorrow. Run for 10 minutes and walk the other 20 or 30. Push yourself though because, I am telling you, that air feels soooooo good getting into your lungs.
Try it this week while the weather is superb!!!!! Hurry before it gets too hot to enjoy it!

Listen to this:
--My Redeemer Live {Nicole C. Mullen}
--He Reigns {Newsboys}
--Imma Be {Black Eyed Peas}
--Back in Black {AC/DC}

I realize I have a random playlist. I am random though.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pregnant: Could I? Should I?

I have been wanting to do a pregnancy and working out post for a while now. But it seems a little daunting to write about. It's so complicated. If there is one thing in life that makes you crazy because there are only a few's pregnancy. Every one is different. Every body is different. Every weight gain is different. Every heart rate, heartburn, muscle cramp, bruised pubic bone, aching back, swollen ankles, placenta, etc., etc., etc. is different from woman to woman. Whew. Makes your head spin, huh?

So, let's start here. Can I work out pregnant? Yes. Infact, it's recommended. Here's the thing, did you work out before? If so, you can continue your regimen up to a point. Excercise is good for a lot of things. Read this. One thing you hear from your dr. is generally not to get your heartrate above 140. That is a debatable HR goal. I for one, cannot do much of anything without my HR soaring. When I teach Turbokick {not pregnant}, I am usually at 163 by the time I am done with warm up! I think you have to talk to your dr. and know your own body. I will say, the beauty of pregnancy is knowing that "you know when you know" to stop. I taught and did Turbokick most of both of my pregnancies. I stopped with Tristan at about 28 weeks and with Reese Elaine at about 33 weeks. With REW, I had a bruised pubic bone and knew the knees and kicks were no longer going to work! I stopped jogging at about 26 weeks with her. I was far more cautious with Tristan. I would also recommend weights. Hear me out though, not body building! Body shaping group classes are good. You can modify as you need to. A huge rule of thumb is to NOT START anything you were not previously doing before pregnancy and to modify anything you are usually doing as needed. This worked great for me. Make you to talk to your Dr. though. There are some conditions that you will have to be aware of. Especially the ones that require bedrest.

If you have not been working out, you can most definitely start to! You need to keep your muscles toned, your heart pumping and your blood flow going! Walking is the most recommended exercise! You can really modify it in so many ways! Treadmill or outside, it really doesn't matter. Make sure you have some good shoes! Also, prenatal yoga and swimming are GREAT! I took a water aerobics class 3 days a week after work with my bestie when we were preggo with our first. It was hilarious, but oh my, it felt AMAZING! So, get in the water for sure!!

Things to avoid:
Horseback riding
Dance {spins}
Ab work {after 1st trimester}
Contact sports {basketball, football, soccer}

I love for tips and workouts. You can find their magazines in the grocery store. Whew! There is soooo much more to write, but I will keep it simple for now! Questions? Email me at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YUMMY and HEALTHY Recipes!

Well, a HUGE "thank you!" to our reader friend, Marissa for these AMAZING recipes!! I am super pumped about them! I have several more sent to me by a couple of you that I will post soon! Wanted to do a few at a time. Stay tuned, I am STILL waiting on the blog design to be done! ARGH! Don't give up on us readers!!

Mexican Turkey Quesadillas(super kid-friendly)
You will need:
1 lb. lean ground turkey
1 package low-sodium taco seasoning mix
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 can Green Giant Mexicorn, undrained
1/4 cup water
Carb balance or any whole-wheat tortillas, as long as they are high in fiber!

1. Use 10-inch skillet and add ground turkey and brown. Stir in seasoning mix, beans, mexicorn and water and cook over med. heat for 10minutes. Sauce will slightly thicken. Serve with a tortilla and ENJOY! So easy and so super yummy! For my son, I put meat mixture into tortilla and fold over and cut into small triangles. If you family doesn't like black beans, you can substitute with any beans of choice.
Happy Healthy Cooking!
For One serving: 340 calories, Total Fat 5g. less than 1g saturated fat., FIBER 9 grams!

Mini Turkey Meatloafs! kid-friendly too!
You will need:
1 lbs. lean ground turkey
1 1/2 cup whole wheat breadcrumbs
2 eggs beaten- I use one egg white and one whole egg!
3/4 cup chicken stock- I use low-sodium chicken broth!
1 tbs. tomato paste
3 tbs. worchesteshire

Saute chopped onion with chicken stock or broth with tomato paste and worchesteshire until onion cooks down and becomes transparent.
Mix turkey, breadcrumbs, eggs WITH FORK. The key is to gently mix with fork to keep them juicy. Add onion mixture to meat mixture with fork until blended-don't mash! Form small loafs on pan, I usually make 6 depending on size, trying to keep them small and even. Cover with small amount of ketchup, if desired.
Bake @ 375 for 45minutes to an hour. ENJOY!
Not sure on the nutrition facts here, but got this recipe from a heart-healthy cookbook that was circulated at a hospital when I worked in cardiac rehab.

Bonka's Pasta
My grandmother passed away just a week ago and we are Sicilian and she was THE best cook! She made this pasta and if I tried to spell the words in Italian, it would make me look awful! Ha! So, we'll call it my grandmother's pasta, who we called, Bonka. A few years ago, I decided to make a healthier version of her famous pasta and my family loves it! Her family used to eat this during Lent when they did not eat meat. it's a meatless dish that you're sure to enjoy!

You will need:
any type of whole wheat pasta noodles, pick your favorite!
1 can peas, drained
black pepper to taste
parmesan cheese to taste
extra virgin olive oil
Boil pasta as directed, drain and add can of peas, small amounts of EVOO, black pepper and parmesan to taste and that's IT! Sounds too simple, but on a night when you don't wanna cook, it's SUPER delicious.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Plank Challenge

There is a girl in one of my classes who holds quite a record for holding a plank position for 6.5 minutes {and improving!}. I thought it would be a good challenge for my classes. So, I am extending the challenge to you all as well! Try it out! Get into this position on a comfy floor or mat: The key is to stay in a straight line with your body. TRY NOT TO LIFT YOUR BOOTY up above the rest of your body. If you do that, you are not doing it correctly!

1. Get a stopwatch
2. Get into the position
3. Hold it for as long as you can without dropping your knees {basically don't move at all from the position}!
4. Once you are absolutely spent, stop {don't be a weenie though}!
5. Check your time
6. Post it in the comments section! Keep posting improvements as well! Don't be embarrassed! If you have never done it, you will be doing good to hold for 20 seconds!

Kimbo and I have been doing our planks daily! I am up to a 4 minute plank!!!! BEWARE: you will shake, grunt, groan and moan. But keep holding, ladies and gents! Tighten your abs and take deep breaths! It's on! Let's get those abs in shape for {gasp} swimsuit season!!!!

Happy Planking!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Myth Buster #1

A fellow 'Junkie' follower asked me this question in an email about a month ago. I am just now getting around to it. I like the question because I think it pertains to SO MANY women out there...

Here was part of the email:
In the past few years (really I've just noticed it the last two-three years really) there just seems to be this "surge" of "get fit quick" or "use this product to lose weight" do you know what's right/what's wrong/what's good/what's bad? I don't really "buy into" the idea of certain programs, but they just seem to be everywhere...I know, for some people, they work; I've seen it...My mom used Weight Watchers last year and lost 15 pounds, but as soon as she stopped Weight Watchers, she put the weight back on. I know for some people NutriSystem works or whatever the "latest craze" seems to be, but I think that's it,'s a "craze" not a lifestyle. There just seems to be SO MANY different ways to lose weight/get fit...diets, weight lose systems, exercises, programs to follow...what do you do to find "the one" or "the way" to do it that is most beneficial for you?
The Weigh Down Approach says to only eat when you're hungry...
The Flat Belly Plan says to eat every 4 hours...
The Eat-Clean Diet is made up of mostly natural foods...
Some diets say to count calories...Some diets say don't...
Some diets say eat lots of fruit and vegetables...Some diets say "calories are calories, not matter what you eat." If I only ate when I was hungry, I would only eat about once a day...usually around 11:00AM; that's the only time my belly every really "growls" at me to eat. If I ate every 4 hours, I would be so full and feel miserable (all the time) I do believe it's important to eat food at its most natural state, if possible. There are so many different "calories counts" out there...some people say 2000 calories a day, some people say 1200...some people say it depends on your weight...I've heard you say that you need to burn more calories than you put in...well, how do you do that? If I was to eat 1200 calories a day (which, by the way, I have no idea how much I eat), there's NO WAY I can burn that much...even if I do an exercise you suggest (which I have done) I only burn about 500! How do you do that? What do you do? How do you distinguish what you should do and what you should not?
Just curious...Callie

Love this question. Problem is, it's complicated. First, I have to reiterate the fact that I am not a nutrionist. I am a "health seeker" like most of you. I have a few fitness certifications, that give me little authority. What I can tell you are most "fad" diets are train wrecks and something that may give you results fast, but not sustaining. Most simply because most of them are not something people can healthfully maintain. Our bodies are made specifically to eat and burn calories. Not to starve. Not to deprive certain natural needs {like GOOD carbs}.

I will be the first to say I am super old fashioned. I believe healthy eating and lots of exercise AS A LIFESTYLE are the keys to long term weight loss or maintenance. I don't research diet trends. They sort of make me crazy. I wonder who on earth would want to eat grapefruits for 3 meals a day. Or drink a drink with cayenne pepper?!? Anything that seems gross or weird or impractical...probably is.

Something to consider is that all of our bodies are different. For me personally, I need to eat every 4 hours. Callie is not that hungry. I think you can listen to your body in that way to know if a certain type of eating style is healthy for you. I also am a big fan of natural, whole foods. Real whole grain. Organic grown. Unprocessed foods. You would be shocked at the health value in natural foods vs. processed food {i.e. food with a lot of added, enriched, hydrogenated, msg, etc}. Don't get me wrong, it is not always how I eat, but I strive to. The good thing there is, most food brands are going the organic route. It's sort of the "cool kid" thing to do.

Weight Watchers is one of the only diet programs I can say makes sense. Portion, nutrient rich foods, and no self deprivation. I think the system works. The problem may be that once people reach a certain goal weight, they start to slack off or quit all together. Maybe start exercising less. There is a whole science to keeping weight off. The older we get, the harder it is, the more we have to move and eat better. That's just the progression of life set out for us. I found this article on Weight Watchers if you are interested.

And then there is the calories in/calories out question. Callie mentioned that when she did a hard workout, she only burned 500 calories. Let me explain this a little better. The average woman should consume around 1600-1800 cals a day {depends on activity level, but we'll just use that for now} perhaps you go running and burn 400 calories {again all depends on height/weight/resting heart rate}. The remainder of your calories are burned in all the other activities you do during the day. Here is what's so important. After you workout, your body rapidly burns calories for a fixed amount of time. For instance, I generally burn around 525 calories during my Turbokick class. I will leave the Y, run and errand for 15 minutes, drive home and will have burned 725 calories. That's why you want to get moving. I think it is soooo good to get one of these for you to see how hard you are working during your workouts. Sometimes you think you are doing a lot, but the HR monitor will show you otherwise. It changed the way I push myself!

Ok, so I your heads are probably spinning! Feel free to comment, ask for clarification or refute anything you you like! I would love to have a Myth Buster #2! Remember you can email us at or leave a comment and PLEASE become a follower!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have major cabin fever. Have not been able to work out in days. I have pink eye in BOTH eyes and a yucky virus. I was hoping to tough it out and go to the gym anyway, but it is super snowy here {weird because it was sunny and 77 on Sunday} and when anything white falls from the sky here, the WHOLE city literally shuts down and closes. GRRRR. I am in major need of some stress release. We have been sick for going on 2 weeks. It is days like today that make me realize how much I LOVE exercise. Instead of looking at it as a forced break, I am sad. So, I guess I need to shift my thinking, huh?!?!? Ok, here's beautiful and snowy outside! AND this means I get plenty of time to just rest!

Hmmmm...I guess I feel a little better. Does anyone else get bummed about not getting to work out!?!?!?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hold Your Horses!

The new blog design is SO close to being done!!!! And I am done with my son's birthday party so I have some posts in my head! As soon as I find more than 10 minutes, I will sit and create a few posts! Don't stop reading!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Regards to Our Last Poll...

Apparently no one is wearing these {Reebok} anymore. Except for me. I have a pair that I kickbox in. Oh. yes. I. did.
People most wore these....and these....

but "other" was quite a large margin...what are those of you wearing "other" wearing??? And did you notice that no one wears Reeboks anymore????

Everyone, please state your case for your sneakers. I always wear Nike--I used to use the Nike+ and I-pod to track progress, but after I lost my I-pod I quit. I would love to hear what you all have to say about why you love your shoes. Maybe you can sway me!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weight History :)

We all have one right?! I thought I'd share mine today! This might not be interesting to anybody, or it might strike a chord with someone out there, so read if you want! It's long! :)

Something I'm passionate about is eating well, not dieting, not stressing, and being comfortable with the way you look. I have not always been this way, so let me back up and tell you a little bit of my weight history.

In high school, I was always about a size 6. I was unhappy with certain parts of my body, but for the most part, I stayed about the same size, whether I was "on a diet" or eating whatever I wanted. I'd fluctuate about 5 lbs off and on, but mostly remained the same. When I went off to college, my eating habits when south really fast. I quickly gained the freshman 15 just by staying up late in the dorms and eating junk food with my girlfriends. It was tons of fun, but not good on the hips. I kind of knew I didn't look the same, but I really was in denial about it, and still tried to squeeze myself into the same jeans! :) Every time I'd go home, I'd quickly drop the weight, just by eating my mom's home cooking, but as soon as I'd get back to school, I'd go right back up.

The summer after Sophomore year of college, I went to Florence, Italy, to study abroad for 3 months. I had the time of my life, and even though we walked everywhere, I still managed to creep up to the highest weight I'd ever been in my life, by eating lots of incredible pasta, gelato, and other Italian treats. By the time I got back, I had about 25 lbs to lose. Over Thanksgiving break, my mom and I decided to go out shopping and get me some new clothes, since it seemed like I wasn't going to go back down to my old size.

Literally, THE NEXT WEEK, I started loosing weight. It's kind of a funny story how it started, but my roommate and I ordered a pizza to split. Instead of getting our cheese pizza, they accidentally brought us cheese bread (the size of a pizza). They said they'd go back and bring us a cheese pizza and that we could keep the cheese bread. Well, I was so hungry, that I ate a good amount of BOTH! I was so sick after that, had so much heartburn, and was so disgusted by the thought of cheese or pizza or cheese bread, that I couldn't eat anything but the healthiest of foods for a while. I have a memory of going to a reunion with my study abroad people a week or two later, and still just wanting to throw up at the thought of that. It literally took me months and months before I could let cheese bread enter my mind without gagging. :)

Well, I decided to start weight watchers soon after that incident, because I figured I might as well start when I have no appetite. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I fell in love with the diet and had so much fun doing it. I never went to any meetings, but just borrowed a book and got the hang of it fast. I loved how I could eat anything I wanted on it, just as long as I stayed within my points. I always rounded down, because I didn't want to be too strict with it, but I dropped 30 LBS quickly and so easily! No exaggeration, I have had NO trouble keeping it off since (besides pregnancy weight). It truly just taught me how to eat! I loved how I could save 5 points for a Snickers bar, save 3 points for a bag of popcorn, etc. I have not done the points since, but I just sort of know in the back of my mind what I can eat now and stay about the same weight. And I'm NOT someone who just has a super fast metabolism and can eat whatever I want.

I gained 50 lbs with my first boy and lost it pretty easily, within 4-6 months. I tried not to stress, and actually felt so great every time I'd drop another 5 lbs. Even though I had another 20 lbs to go at one point, I felt to tiny, since I'd lost 30 already! :) With boy #2, I tried hard not to gain 50 again, and only gained a whopping 45 lbs! ;) This time, it took much longer to get off, but I still tried to have a laid back, no stress approach to it all. My first 20 lbs melted away within a couple of weeks. Then, over the next 6 months, I lost about 5 lbs! That was frustrating at times, but I tried to keep it in perspective. I felt like when I started working out this summer, my weight that was stuck (that last 20 lbs), finally started budging. Little by little, it came off, and I've now stopped weighing. Once I got within 3 lbs of my goal weight, I decided to stop and haven't done it since (besides at the doctor's office). I finally!!! got back into my "skinny" jeans on Christmas day (1 year after delivering him)! The top button did pop off, I will admit (it was loose anyways:)), but they finally fit fairly comfortably.

My body is not the same as it was in high school, but somehow I am more comfortable with it than I ever have been in my life! I feel so free from not feeling the need to diet, and I'm so thankful for learning how to eat right from Weight Watchers (I promise this is not an advertisement for them :)). If you're struggling to loose 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 lbs, and can relate at all to my story, I'd highly recommend doing this diet (and I think in the most laid-back, real-life way possible). You're never going to stick to eating no carbs the rest of your life, you're never going to want to eat just grilled chicken and veggies with no butter the rest of your life, so you've got to find something that's practical and reasonable that you can stick to. I have no sweet tooth at all, but my weakness is queso, and Mexican foods. Oh, and dips. I get queso when I want it, but just try to cut back in other ways. I make sure to NOT FEEL GUILTY either. Just enjoy that spinach dip, but don't eat the whole bowl! :) I also have found that the more I eat at home, the more my body just seems to like it, and I don't cook low-fat either. The way you cook at home will be much lower fat than what you find at restaurants, and you're just as satisfied, if not more! I also highly recommend finding a friend or group of friends to work out with. I simply would not do it otherwise! I would have quit long ago, but have thoroughly enjoyed meeting friends up at the gym! Not only is it good exercise, but it's a great social outlet for me, which is much needed when staying at home all day with little children! It also allows me to eat even more dips and queso! :)

I hope you found something in there that you can connect to in some way!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stay In The Game, But Hang Up The Capes.

It's February...are you all still out there? Still in the fitness realm? I always fear February. I have posted about it in previous posts. It tends to be the time that people start slacking. Start to slip. Start to...give up. Hopefully, you all are still fighting through the journey that is getting into shape. I will admit, the 'Junkies' are not working out together as much as I would like for us to. It's usually 2 of us...sometimes 3. Rarely all 4. Not what I envisioned for us, but the truth's hard. I am learning that as women, as wives, as the SUPERMOMS we are trying to be, it is just hard to squeeze it all in. Kids are up all night in and out of bed, we were up working on projects and meetings the night before, making 5:45 a.m. seem totally daunting! Some of you are working or going to school or both AND have a family too! When do you squeeze it in?!?!?!? I can honestly say to that...I don't know. For me, I used to have an intolerance for the "no time" excuse. But that's because it's my job. I get paid to go work out with people in my classes. I also love to lead my friends in hard workouts. I just like it. It's sort of my thing. It's super easy for me to choose between housework and working out. Working out wins every time {as do long lunches, naps and reality TV}. But I am learning that so many things pull at your time and it is hard to stay on track! Friends I hope you are still working at it! The 'Junkies' are in your corner! We most definitely feel your pain! Kimbo and I were joking the other day about how she may not get to work out with me in the mornings until her kids are in school! Ha! Maybe not. But she is still finding the time to grind it out in the evenings after the Mommy Office is relieved for business! Lauren and I probably debate via text every night whether or not we should get up the next morning or not! The truth is, we KNOW we won't really be that motivated to go later in the day, but we are just so tired for whatever reason. And let me tell ya, if you even THINK about backing out of a morning workout the night are going to back out of that workout. Am I right? Ladies, keep doing it!!! We feel your pain! DON'T GIVE UP...stay in the game, somehow, some way!

When I envisioned this blog, it was never for me. I wanted to encourage and inspire people. I want you all to have questions answered {again, I am not a "PRO" just someone with a limited knowledge, but a love for fitness and women!}. So, I want to hear from all of you! How is it going???? Are you sticking to your workouts? Do you need motivation? Do you need a plan of attack? Focus? Have you lost weight? Attained a fitness goal? What is on your mind? I would LOVE to hear from you either in comment section, or via email! If you don't feel comfortable leaving questions under comments, you can email to

Hope to hear from you all! And *REMEMBER*: those who read this are not BLOG STALKERS! We looooove people to read and would love you to sign up as a follower and stop being embarrassed because you {gasp} read blogs!

Monday, February 1, 2010

When You Can't Make It To The Gym

There are definitely days when I can't get to the Y to workout, so on those days I do this...

Turbo Jam

I LOVE it! My favorite workout that the Junkies do is Turbo Kickboxing, and these DVDs are from the same creator, Chalene Johnson. I have to admit that these workouts are not as intense as turbo kick, but you can still burn lots of calories. In fact, I did the 50 minute workout today and burned 565 cals. So if you are like me with crazy, busy schedules or a toddler who hates to go to the childcare center at the gym, then try Turbo Jam at home. It works!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fer's Vacation 'Junkie' Workout

My husband and I had the opportunity to get away for a few days in Cancun! So fun...highly recommend it! I didn't want to ruin all of my hard work from the past months, so I found the workout center at the resort and burned some cals. I was there for 4 days, and I worked out twice. Here's the breakdown:

Workout #1: Elliptical, Ab Machine, and Treadmill = 45 minutes

1. Do the ellip for 20 minutes on a hard level...I did level 8.
2. 10 sets of 10 on the Ab Weight Machine for approx. 10 minutes...set it to 4 or 5 pounds.
3. Run for the last 15 minutes...comfortable speed for the first 5, faster for the last 10.
* I burned 501 cals!!!

Workout #2: Treadmill = 45 minutes

1. Start at a fast walk for 5 minutes to warm up.
2. Run fast for 5 minutes.
3. Slow down to a walk and increase your incline to 10 for 5 minutes.
4. Bring the incline back down and run for 10 minutes this time.
5. Repeat walk with incline for 10 minutes...this time incline at 12.
6. Run the last 10 minutes...first 5 minutes as fast as you can, last 5 minutes at comfortable speed.
* I burned 533 cals!!!

* Most hotels and resorts like this usually have some kind of workout facility to use, so take advantage of them. It's worth it! Don't blow all that hard work on vacation!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'Junkie' Monday Workout

Incline + Run=hard.
Lauren and I got up early Monday to get a little cardio in. To her dismay, I created an incline run workout that she {and myself} would have to endure. I thought you all might want to try it if you are a treadmill kinda person. I have a love hate relationship with Mr. Treadmill. I think he is great, but I tend to get bored with him. Plain ol' walking or running is not something I want to do everyday. I like to shake it up a bit. Hence, the incline run.

You need: a treadmill
**during the incline sprints, I run at a slower pace than on the 1.5 grade sprints**
Start out at a brisk 5 minute walk
Increase your incline to a 7 grade {again, you may have an older treadmill that does not have a steep incline, so you may have to start lower and work up in smaller increments--like 7, 8, 9, 10, 11...etc.} run for 2 min.
Decrease incline to a 1.5 and run a fast sprint for 2 minutes.
Increase incline to a 9--run 2 minutes
Decrease and fast sprint for 2 minutes
Increase to an 11--run 2 minutes....etc {increasing grade by 2 each time}.
Repeat, increasing the incline grade until it is at it's highest peak...then, run on a flat grade until you reach 30 minutes, or run that way as long as you desire.

Heart rate soars. Calories burn. Faces turn bright red. I wish we had pictures for you! Make sure that after you are done with the run, you walk on the treadmill for several minutes. Don't just stop dead in your tracks and hop off. You will get nauseated and feel faint. Let your HR climb down naturally and slowly. Hydrate too.

Try it out this week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sloppy Joes, The Slop--Sloppy-Joes, Yeah!

Hope you all enjoyed my Adam Sandler reference in the title! I want to share a yummy recipe with ya! I am was NEVER a sloppy joe fan. Ick. The Manwich??? Terrible childhood food memory! However, I saw this recipe on Oprah last spring and it sounded so good to me! Must have been the breastfeeding hormones, but I am so glad I made them because they are a new family fave. Easy AND healthy!!!!! I wanted to post a picture, but no matter how you take a picture, sloppy joes just ain't pretty! So, just trust and taste!

Tyler Florence's Ultimate Sloppy Joes
Servings: Serves 4

Extra-virgin olive oil
1 large onion , diced
1 1/2 pounds lean ground turkey
Kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper
2 cups ketchup
1/4 cup yellow mustard
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. tomato paste
1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

5 whole wheat hamburger buns

Directions: Set a heavy-based pot over medium-high heat and add a 3-count of olive oil. Add onions and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes until translucent. Add ground turkey, season well with salt and pepper and brown well all over, breaking it up with a wooden spoon—about 7 to 10 minutes. Add ketchup, mustard, cayenne, brown sugar and tomato paste. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes. Finish with a splash of apple cider vinegar and season it once more before serving on toasted whole wheat hamburger buns.

I think homeade coleslaw or a crunchy noodle salad would be da bomb with this, but my kids would cringe, so I usually make a side veggie along with some veggie chips and bread and butter pickles! Yummmmmm....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something Different: Boot Camps

I had the privilege of having my college roomie and bestie, Coleen, come stay with us all weekend! She was an honorary "Junkie" for the day as she accompanied me to my Turbokick class and 1/3 of a Zumba class afterward! What a sport! She was super pumped about fitness because her Dallas company hired a Boot Camp instructor to work them out after hours at the office! She demonstrated a few moves with me on Friday night and it confirmed what I have always believed...heckuva workout! I LOVE Boot Camp format. You might like it too. It's not in a gym. Generally, weather permitting, the classes are held outdoors for one hour. I like the time options as well, they tend to be super early...think 5:15a.m. {yippee!}, mid-morning or after work hours around 5:30 p.m. So you have options. However, the BEST part of Boot Camp is what you do during the class. It is something new each time. It's not just push-ups {though they are a must}, its lots of running, hill climbing, squatting, lunging, tire pulling, sit-ups, tricep dips...sounds fun right? From what I hear, you hardly ever do the same thing! That is awesome in terms of keeping it interesting and preventing boredom. I also know it sounds only something a super duper fit person can do, but the challenge is to make you the best FIT that you can be! I think it is an awesome alternative if you can't get to a gym. There are a couple of things that might deter you. Cost. It varies, but it can seem a little pricey for the time frame. Time Frame? Generally 4-6 weeks/3 days a week. I think honestly, the cost is not that bad, but that means you HAVE to go if you sign up to really get all the bang for your buck. I looked up a few in the Texas area for you to sneak a peek at. Some of you may not be Texans, but google "Bootcamp fitness" and your city, state and you will get a load of listings. I was surprised at the number of them were available! They are a huge growing trend. Love. It. If any of you try it out, PLEASE email me and let me know! I would love to do a post from someone who has done one--pictures are great too! Here are a few near you...
The North Dallas Bootcamp {Coleen's trainer}

Jay Johnson Bootcamp Fitness {he trains the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders}

Coming up this week...
Pregnancy workouts
The "Junkie Loser Friday" Workouts
Fer's Vacation "Junkie" Workout {will you PLEASE write about this, Fer?}
Yummmmmmmmy Sloppy Joes

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leave It To Me!

To post the first recipe! That may be all I can contribute to this blog! The left overs from Creighton's plate! Sorry, I didn't think to take a picture before we started the meal!

I'm desperately trying to learn how to manage everything that comes along with adding a new baby {or a five month old} to our home. I consider working out early mornings every day, but somehow, functioning at six o'clock after being up at least three or four times a night doesn't seem bearable. And to top it off, my little Griffy doesn't take long naps either. Most weeknights, after I clean up our dinner and leave the boys with my hubby, you can find me at the Y for my hour cardio workout. {Any one else going that late??!!??}

Maybe some of you can relate, along with fitting in time to work out, my house is a mess, I don't have time or energy to prepare much of a meal, and needlesstosay, going to the grocery store is rare! However, I'm boycotting eating out and so, I've turned to my cookbooks for some new {healthier} menus.

Tonight, I made a simple, light, yummy dinner! One that was also easy to clean up!

Though, I simplified it, I thought some of you may want this recipe.

Country Pork and Corn on the Cob
6 (5 ounce) bone-in center-cut pork chops (I used 4 boneless butterfly pork chops.)
4 large garlic cloves, pressed
3 ears fresh (or frozen, thawed) corn, cut in half
1 (18 ounce) bottle honey smoke barbecue sauce
1 cup chicken broth

* Place pork chops in a lightly greased slow cooker. {There is a long process about browning the meat in a skillet beforehand, but I skip this stage. If you are interested, let me know!}
* Rub garlic evenly over corn. Sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon each salt and pepper; add to slow cooker.
*Combine barbecue sauce and broth; add to slow cooker.
* Cover and cook on LOW 4 hours or until meat is tender.

I served it with wild rice, per request from one of my favorite eaters:
Hope your family enjoys as much as mine!

I don't have the calorie value on this, but after my one chop and one mini corn on the cob with a spoon of rice, I was still a bit hungry. Instead of munching more, I cleaned the kitchen and went to burn over 550 calories at the gym!