Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have major cabin fever. Have not been able to work out in days. I have pink eye in BOTH eyes and a yucky virus. I was hoping to tough it out and go to the gym anyway, but it is super snowy here {weird because it was sunny and 77 on Sunday} and when anything white falls from the sky here, the WHOLE city literally shuts down and closes. GRRRR. I am in major need of some stress release. We have been sick for going on 2 weeks. It is days like today that make me realize how much I LOVE exercise. Instead of looking at it as a forced break, I am sad. So, I guess I need to shift my thinking, huh?!?!? Ok, here goes...it's beautiful and snowy outside! AND this means I get plenty of time to just rest!

Hmmmm...I guess I feel a little better. Does anyone else get bummed about not getting to work out!?!?!?


  1. Love your blog..can I make a request....I ned a new playlist for my workouts....maybe about an hour's worth of great songs....maybe a post about it would be great!!!

  2. lauren, sure thing! i do try to keep the music on this blog fun workout music if you want to take a look at all the songs on it!

  3. Yes!!! When I skip my 6 am spin class, I pay for it throughout the day! My productivity drastically decreases. But on the days I DO go, my energy is limitless, my productivity quadruples, and my thinking is so positive!!! That "overwhelmed" feeling as I look at my to-do list is non-existent. Even my husband completely agrees that if I consistently attend my spin class three times a week I am a much more positive, productive, happy wife and mommy! So Nicki, yes, I am totally with ya...skipping a workout is a definite bummer.
    P.S. LOVE your blog!!! Thank you!!!