Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Regards to Our Last Poll...

Apparently no one is wearing these {Reebok} anymore. Except for me. I have a pair that I kickbox in. Oh. yes. I. did.
People most wore these....and these....

but "other" was quite a large margin...what are those of you wearing "other" wearing??? And did you notice that no one wears Reeboks anymore????

Everyone, please state your case for your sneakers. I always wear Nike--I used to use the Nike+ and I-pod to track progress, but after I lost my I-pod I quit. I would love to hear what you all have to say about why you love your shoes. Maybe you can sway me!


  1. I just bought a pair of Asics Kayanos, and I love them!! They're pretty expensive, but they feel wonderful!!! The laces are slanted to match the natural arch of your foot. And best of all? They come in pink! :)

  2. I love saucony. They are like pillows for your feet. Great arch support and perfect for running.

  3. Crazy I know but I bought the new Reebok Shape ups. You know the ones where the girl has a great be-hind on the commercial? They are really comfortable and give my legs a super burn.