Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jazzercise Comeback??

I wanna know...does anyone out there among our few readers Jazzercise??? There is a studio where I live and I am trying to fanagle a couple of the Junkies to come with me to try it {neither of which have given me a green light}! Maybe it's because it used to look like this... ...the quintesential 80's mom workout? I remember my mama doing it when I was about 4.

Supposedly, it is revamped. My young cousin-in-law asked me about it the other day. She said a lot of people in the Austin area are doing it. They even have Cheryl Burke of DWTS as a sponsor.
Well, heck, if everybody's doin' it--I shoud do it to! As always, I am up for a challenge, so I think I will drag my Junkies up to the studio and see what's it about! We will be posting a review after we visit! I am wondering if I should bust the leg warmers out...or at least tease my bangs a bit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Are You Holding Back?

Sometimes when we are going thru something emotional, we need a place of solice. I feel that when I work out. It's one of the only times in my day where I can pray, take everything in and let loose. Infact, today about 2 miles into my early morning run, I was listening to a slow love song of all things, and just burst into tears. They were tears of gratitude and thanks. I was thanking God for my husband. Thinking on what a gift he is to me. I know it is a little corny, but my mind was totally free and clear and just in the moment. I was letting it all out! I can't imagine what people driving by must've thought--they probably thought I had pulled a muscle!

In my classes I see that a lot. Just people holding back. Worrying about what they look like. Worrying about if they are doing it right. Thinking about other things. Let the worry go! Put your full self out there for the hour you are working out! Work to the max. Work to the point of exhilaration! I'm not saying you have to cry like me, but put it all on the line! I think you would see a difference in your performance and outcome!

By the way, I was listening to Ben Folds Five's "The Luckiest" when I had my emotional bit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Move of the Week


What you need:
2 paper plates {or gliders if you have them handy}
A clear path to move forward and back

Start by getting on your knees and placing the feet on the gliders. Slowly walk out to a yoga plank. Using your arms, walk forward 10 steps, then back 10 steps. Repeat 3 times. Rest and repeat 3 more. Burn!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok, I want to give you a limited review of P90X. P90X is a muscle confusion system of 12 different workouts. Muscle confusion is basically a training thought of introducing many different moves so that your body does not plateau. A fun fact about P90X is that it is the most profitable infomercial product of all time! My bro-in-law and his wife have been doing it for almost 3 months. They let B and I borrow a couple of the workouts {the Ply-O and Core Synergystics} to try out. I loved both workouts. They were challenging and creative. The Core Synergystics was a huge challenge for me and probably would be to most women who have given birth in the past couple of years! I also like their diet plan. Some people follow and some don't. B&K do the diet and you actually eat a lot. You eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. It's really just an amped up way of healthy eating. Probably best to follow it too, especially if you have a hard time eating healthy, it will teach you and ,of course, healthy eating makes your body get ultimate results!

Overall, from what I saw, it gets a thumbs up! Like I said, I did not do the whole thing. I watched B do the yoga {heehee} and it was also really great and intense.

--I have never heard/seen anyone who did not get results from the workouts!
--In-home convenience
--Great diet plan
--Workouts are easy to follow and show modifications for all levels.
--Great workout that allows you to chart your progress {i.e. were not able to do any pull ups first day, at the end, you could do 5 pull-ups, etc.}
--GREAT GREAT GREAT workout to do alongside the ol' ball and chain!!

--I felt it is very male-oriented. If I was a beginner fitness level and not married, I am not sure I could see myself wanting to do P90X at home. I would probably rather do Turbo Jam or ChaLEAN extreme {which is sort of a P90X for women}.
--I still don't like home workouts. I am very gym-oriented.
--Tony Horton {the creator/trainer}, is a GENIUS. However, he is not on beat with the music! HA! That is a trivial thing to some of you, but as an instructor who uses music to cue, it drives me bonkers!
--Since it is has a specific time frame in which you finish, it is hard to know what you would do next after the 90 days. There is a maintenance plan, but honestly, I am not sure what all that entails.

I would love to hear your thoughts! I might remind you, that I did not complete the entire program. I am just reviewing what I know from doing a few sessions and reading about the plan! I say, if you are needing another home program, it is a great one to check into! Especially if you want the hubby to get in shape with ya!!