Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ok, I want to give you a limited review of P90X. P90X is a muscle confusion system of 12 different workouts. Muscle confusion is basically a training thought of introducing many different moves so that your body does not plateau. A fun fact about P90X is that it is the most profitable infomercial product of all time! My bro-in-law and his wife have been doing it for almost 3 months. They let B and I borrow a couple of the workouts {the Ply-O and Core Synergystics} to try out. I loved both workouts. They were challenging and creative. The Core Synergystics was a huge challenge for me and probably would be to most women who have given birth in the past couple of years! I also like their diet plan. Some people follow and some don't. B&K do the diet and you actually eat a lot. You eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. It's really just an amped up way of healthy eating. Probably best to follow it too, especially if you have a hard time eating healthy, it will teach you and ,of course, healthy eating makes your body get ultimate results!

Overall, from what I saw, it gets a thumbs up! Like I said, I did not do the whole thing. I watched B do the yoga {heehee} and it was also really great and intense.

--I have never heard/seen anyone who did not get results from the workouts!
--In-home convenience
--Great diet plan
--Workouts are easy to follow and show modifications for all levels.
--Great workout that allows you to chart your progress {i.e. were not able to do any pull ups first day, at the end, you could do 5 pull-ups, etc.}
--GREAT GREAT GREAT workout to do alongside the ol' ball and chain!!

--I felt it is very male-oriented. If I was a beginner fitness level and not married, I am not sure I could see myself wanting to do P90X at home. I would probably rather do Turbo Jam or ChaLEAN extreme {which is sort of a P90X for women}.
--I still don't like home workouts. I am very gym-oriented.
--Tony Horton {the creator/trainer}, is a GENIUS. However, he is not on beat with the music! HA! That is a trivial thing to some of you, but as an instructor who uses music to cue, it drives me bonkers!
--Since it is has a specific time frame in which you finish, it is hard to know what you would do next after the 90 days. There is a maintenance plan, but honestly, I am not sure what all that entails.

I would love to hear your thoughts! I might remind you, that I did not complete the entire program. I am just reviewing what I know from doing a few sessions and reading about the plan! I say, if you are needing another home program, it is a great one to check into! Especially if you want the hubby to get in shape with ya!!


  1. Blake and I just started P90X yesterday - I will keep you updated on our progress. So far, we have done Chest/Back, Ab Ripper, and Plyo - Ab Ripper definitely used moves I have never done before - excited to see those results over the next few months :) and Plyo kicked my bootie this morning! Exhausted - but feel accomplished too! Keep you posted!

  2. I'd recommend borrowing the bonus Cardio X disc as well, it combines moves from the plyo, core, kenpo, and yoga discs (but I skip the yoga).

    I love P90X. We started doing it after The Biggest Loser DVDs and Jillian's Shred got old/easy. The Plyo X workout really hurts my feet, so I usually sub in Jillian's Level 3 or Cardio X on those days (and on yoga days too... my mind just isn't that open).

    I think Brent would really like the other exercises. Legs & Back, for example, can only make you a better basketball player (help you jump higher). Get a chin-up bar instead of the bands and you'll find it's a totally different workout.

  3. thanks ya'll! heather, keep me posted!!! justin, i think brent will for sure do the whole program at some point!