Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Waiting For My Time

When the boys and I walked in the garage door after finishing my boot camp class at the YMCA, Creighton lifted his wrist to me and out of the blue, asked, "Mom, how many calories does my "watch" say I burned?" You can tell I must spend a bit of time focused on watching those calories and my heart rate numbers change on this watch on my wrist! My three and a half year old thinks his child-care name band from the Y records the same data. Exactly the perspective I need on this weight loss from an innocent, precious child!

I am now nine months postpartum. I know it took me nine months to put on my forty pounds and I shouldn't assume anything less than nine months to get the weight off my body. I am still not in my pre preggo clothes. I am still frustrated and disappointed some days that I don't weigh a certain number, especially as sweet Griffin's first birthday draws closer and closer.

My hubby graciously purchased the Polar for me a few weeks ago and I'll be honest, the watch has really changed how I work out. My entire view of my workout has been altered based on the simple fact that I can set and maintain a goal fit for myself. More importantly, I can watch that occur from the convenience of my wrist. I never realized how much I need to know and understand my own body. The way I function before and during and after a workout. The way I function differently than those who also work out with me and around me. I didn't know my resting heart rate. I didn't know I could burn hundreds of calories in a relatively short amount of time. I didn't know working out of my zone could and would change my style of workout or the amount of effort I am required to exert. I just didn't know how it could change my life.

This whole post baby weight loss journey has changed my life. It's changed me.

When Griffin was twelve weeks old, I returned to the gym. On my own terms, I was going about three or four days a week, doing things I thought should be helping me drop the weight. Treadmill, Elliptical, Biking. I would work out my forty-five minutes, burn a few hundred calories, head home, tired, a bit sweaty and ready to eat dinner. For months and months, the number on my scale read the exact same number. I'll be honest, I was quite frustrated about the fact that everything I was doing was not producing obvious results. I continued to press on. I watched others around me, having babies after me, zipping up their skinny jeans as I still put on my maternity ones. {Note to all: Do not compare yourself with others! Set personal weight and exercise goals based on you- anything different is not healthy and can cause even more mental anguish! And though it's so difficult in times such as this, be happy with who God has created YOU to be, not your friends, your neighbors, your family.}

I realized I was basically waisting my time. I wasn't doing the kinds of exercises that would help me with my weight loss journey. I needed to step it up! Maybe you're in a rut and need some "step it up" kinds of workouts. Let me know and I'll share the ones Nicki created for me.

I've been working out consistently for about two months now, maybe a bit longer. I go almost every, single week day, with an occasional weekend workout, between five to six o'clock in the morning. Determined to get up and get the day started doing something I often times dread, but feel rewarded and energized afterwards.

Then, Easter came and I became even more overwhelmed about my image. How could working out not help me drop these pounds? I decided to start my healthy {or healthier} eating lifestyle. We dropped ground beef for ground turkey, we eat cereal and sandwiches rather than pizza and Mexican food, I do not allow any desserts to touch my lips. I was sure the weight would eventually come off. I'm working out and eating "right." My husband has long reached his goal weight. I'm still sitting on the exact same numbers.

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm going to body shaping two days a week followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio, boot camp one day followed by my own cardio routine of sorts, some additional work outs with my Junkie{s}, and a here and there video of sorts.

I've altered my workout. I started monitoring my heart rate. I started studying how many calories I burn each day during my workout, pushing myself to burn more and more each time. I'm starting to really sweat.

Just last week (ironically, after eating my first chocolate chip cookie in months), I finally lost 1-2 pounds!!! Not ideally what I would want, but I feel better knowing how hard I'm working to achieve these goals I've set for myself and one day, the weight will have to come off. Right?

I'm learning, it just takes time! For me, it takes more time. That may be the case for you too.

However, watch out!

When it's time for my body {and yours} to drop these additional pounds, I'll {we'll} be so, so ready!

Until then, I just look at my 23.4lb baby boy and have no choice but to smile knowing he was so worth all this extra weight! And I'll continue to wait! Loosing each and every pound {and hopefully inch} the hard way. The workout, healthy eating way. The way that's also creating healthy habits for me, my hubby and my boys. That, I'm for sure proud of and dare I say, I am even loving my work outs!

For all of you also struggling to see the weight come off, hang in there! It could also be for you, that it just takes {more} time!


  1. awwwww!!! loved this Kimberly!!! what a sweet, honest and encouraging post! So proud of you! and i too have been wanting one of those watches... :)

  2. love you. honestly, it is so fun for me to see you push yourself and become an athlete. i love watching you stare off the "high dive" before burpees only to see you make it thru. you are healthy and you look awesome! those pounds are going to start coming off and maybe you will finally come with me to Roots. xoxo