Friday, January 21, 2011

Let Down

One reason I hadn't been writing on this blog was because I have been studying to be a Personal Trainer. I have really wanted to do it for a long time. My gym approached me with the offer that they would pay for me to attend the AFAA PFT cert that they were going to host in January for free. That meant so much to me and seemed like the perfect timing! It's a 3-day/all day training with a practical and written test on the last day. I was up for the task. That was the end of September. I was very excited to be "legit". Especially when writing on the blog. To be able to share information that really had some meat to it so to speak. I can honestly say, though I had been out of any sort of study mode for almost 9 years {gah, I'm oooold!}, I really was loving all the stuff I was learning. I was excited to bring it all to fruition. I sort of felt like I knew it was what I was meant to be doing. Then, two days ago, the training was cancelled. They did not have enough people signed up for the class to make. While, I sort of wondered if it was going to happen, it really made me sad. All the studying. All the excitement and feelings of affirmation, only to find that it wasn't going to happen. Hopefully, our club will try to host another training in May. If not, I have decided that I am going to pay the pricey fee and go elsewhere to do it. I am not sure what the Lord's plan is here. Maybe something is going to happen in the meantime. Maybe I needed more preparation. Who knows. I am just trusting that I will eventually be able to become a trainer. So, for now, I will simply write to you as a "lay" person {wink wink}. I found out some fascinating things I would love to share. In the meantime, I will just be inspired by some of your stories that get me excited to be an 'official' professional! xoxo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How's Your January?

So, you might have noticed, the lull in posts. Not intentional, I love this blog. I believe in this blog. I am hoping to be back in the swing! Every time I teach a class, or go to the gym, I am feeling more and more inspired to write! There was a little hiatus for many reasons--the blog basically has to take a backseat behind family and other life obligations {maybe I will one day get paid for it *sigh*}!
Let me ask is January going? Was it the usual resolution to get in shape? What steps have you taken to making this year work? What separates you from the "white sneakers" {my term for people who join the gym in January and fizzle in February}? I would love to hear from you all--if there is anyone out there who is still reading!!!