Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stay In The Game, But Hang Up The Capes.

It's February...are you all still out there? Still in the fitness realm? I always fear February. I have posted about it in previous posts. It tends to be the time that people start slacking. Start to slip. Start to...give up. Hopefully, you all are still fighting through the journey that is getting into shape. I will admit, the 'Junkies' are not working out together as much as I would like for us to. It's usually 2 of us...sometimes 3. Rarely all 4. Not what I envisioned for us, but the truth's hard. I am learning that as women, as wives, as the SUPERMOMS we are trying to be, it is just hard to squeeze it all in. Kids are up all night in and out of bed, we were up working on projects and meetings the night before, making 5:45 a.m. seem totally daunting! Some of you are working or going to school or both AND have a family too! When do you squeeze it in?!?!?!? I can honestly say to that...I don't know. For me, I used to have an intolerance for the "no time" excuse. But that's because it's my job. I get paid to go work out with people in my classes. I also love to lead my friends in hard workouts. I just like it. It's sort of my thing. It's super easy for me to choose between housework and working out. Working out wins every time {as do long lunches, naps and reality TV}. But I am learning that so many things pull at your time and it is hard to stay on track! Friends I hope you are still working at it! The 'Junkies' are in your corner! We most definitely feel your pain! Kimbo and I were joking the other day about how she may not get to work out with me in the mornings until her kids are in school! Ha! Maybe not. But she is still finding the time to grind it out in the evenings after the Mommy Office is relieved for business! Lauren and I probably debate via text every night whether or not we should get up the next morning or not! The truth is, we KNOW we won't really be that motivated to go later in the day, but we are just so tired for whatever reason. And let me tell ya, if you even THINK about backing out of a morning workout the night are going to back out of that workout. Am I right? Ladies, keep doing it!!! We feel your pain! DON'T GIVE UP...stay in the game, somehow, some way!

When I envisioned this blog, it was never for me. I wanted to encourage and inspire people. I want you all to have questions answered {again, I am not a "PRO" just someone with a limited knowledge, but a love for fitness and women!}. So, I want to hear from all of you! How is it going???? Are you sticking to your workouts? Do you need motivation? Do you need a plan of attack? Focus? Have you lost weight? Attained a fitness goal? What is on your mind? I would LOVE to hear from you either in comment section, or via email! If you don't feel comfortable leaving questions under comments, you can email to

Hope to hear from you all! And *REMEMBER*: those who read this are not BLOG STALKERS! We looooove people to read and would love you to sign up as a follower and stop being embarrassed because you {gasp} read blogs!


  1. Thanks for being real, Nicki. I am still hanging in there! I'm blessed to have a husband who is as dedicated to getting fit as I am, so we work out together in the evenings... I KNOW I wouldn't still be in it without him. We bought the P90X DVD's, and we are ROCKIN' it. The weight isn't dropping as fast as I want it to, but I know I'm getting stronger, and I don't think I've ever been fitter in my life.

  2. hey nicki, did you gt my facebook message the other day? let me know...i'd love to hear from you...


  3. Thanks for this Nicki! It is hard! Thankfully, like others have said my hubby is also big on staying in shape so we have a little gym-split deal going on. He goes early before work and I go late after dinner when he gets home. It's hard to stay motivated at the end of my day... there are so many days when I just want to plop on the couch and zone out into the TV with my hubby, but he says... get up... go... you'll feel better if you do and bad if you don't! I'm loving this blog... one thing that I have done that I don't like doing but can already see is making a difference is push-ups!! Thanks for encouraging us!!

  4. great word Nicki!!! and i was feeling the stress and pull of trying to BALANCE it all this week. oh how i want to desperately get back into my fitness routine, but sadly, it tends to get put to the wayside at this point still in the early weeks of a new baby. i hate it. :) but this too shall pass...and it's just real life!!! Eventually, i'll get back in the game on a regular basis. i can't wait!!!