Monday, April 26, 2010


Everyone needs to try this. Wake up just as the sun is peeking in thru the blinds. Throw on your running shoes {even if you are not a runner} and go outside and enjoy a nice jog. Not a walk. A jog. A run. This time of year when it is brisk, not hot, and not cold {or at least in Texas} is my FAVORITE time to have morning runs. They clear my mind. I solve some of the world problems in my head. Enjoy a talk with the Lord. Listen to some fun music and daydream. Try it today. Breathe in the air thru your nose. Even if you don't normally run, try it tomorrow. Run for 10 minutes and walk the other 20 or 30. Push yourself though because, I am telling you, that air feels soooooo good getting into your lungs.
Try it this week while the weather is superb!!!!! Hurry before it gets too hot to enjoy it!

Listen to this:
--My Redeemer Live {Nicole C. Mullen}
--He Reigns {Newsboys}
--Imma Be {Black Eyed Peas}
--Back in Black {AC/DC}

I realize I have a random playlist. I am random though.


  1. Should we do this together for our workout tomorrow? We could pick a pretty location!

  2. i completely agree! this is the best time of year to have a morning jog! (you also get the added bonus of seeing the beautiful new spring flowers coming in once the sun peaks up!)

  3. love that playlist...and this is inspiring me to go for an early morning run!!! thanks Nic!!! :)