Monday, April 26, 2010

Done with the StairMaster

I wanted to report on here that I am officially never going to use the StairMaster again. Some of you may love it; more power to you! It does not agree with me for some reason. Recently, I really pushed myself and did some walk/run intervals. It was hard, but I felt great. Afterwards, I got on the StairMaster and started stepping. After about 30 seconds, I slowed down the speed. Then I stopped, took a drink of water, and started again. After about a minute of a slower speed, I started feeling nauseous. I kept on thinking it'd go away. It didn't. When my StairMaster hit 3 minutes, I hopped off and headed to the bathroom, thinking I was about to throw up. I thought it must have been the bacon, eggs, and toast I had just eaten that was causing my stomach to be upset. Well, I managed to run outside and shake off the nausea with a little fresh air! A few days later, I was working out in the morning with Nicki. We did a few difficult, but great things. I pushed myself and felt so good about it. Then, we got on the StairMaster. I had just had a breakfast bar this time, so I thought I'd be fine. Well, I began to feel nauseous again! Nicki laughed as I had almost all of my weight resting on the machines! Then I felt it happening. Nicki had me pacing to help it go away, but it didn't. We walked as quickly as we could to the back, stepped outside, and I threw up. We got a good laugh out of it, feeling like we were on a reality fitness show. I don't understand why that machine does that to me!! I am no stranger to intense workouts, but apparently this machine is just too intense for me. :)


  1. Oh no, you and the StairMaster must not be great friends :( Just a quick question? Any of you tried P90X?! I am in love with it and just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way?! And it's pretty funny to watch my 3 year old try and do some of the moves right along with me! Ha

  2. I absolutely loathe the stairmaster as well. Turns out it is really bad for your knees anyways, so that was just great justification for not using it and doing something else instead!