Wednesday, January 20, 2010

'Junkie' Monday Workout

Incline + Run=hard.
Lauren and I got up early Monday to get a little cardio in. To her dismay, I created an incline run workout that she {and myself} would have to endure. I thought you all might want to try it if you are a treadmill kinda person. I have a love hate relationship with Mr. Treadmill. I think he is great, but I tend to get bored with him. Plain ol' walking or running is not something I want to do everyday. I like to shake it up a bit. Hence, the incline run.

You need: a treadmill
**during the incline sprints, I run at a slower pace than on the 1.5 grade sprints**
Start out at a brisk 5 minute walk
Increase your incline to a 7 grade {again, you may have an older treadmill that does not have a steep incline, so you may have to start lower and work up in smaller increments--like 7, 8, 9, 10, 11...etc.} run for 2 min.
Decrease incline to a 1.5 and run a fast sprint for 2 minutes.
Increase incline to a 9--run 2 minutes
Decrease and fast sprint for 2 minutes
Increase to an 11--run 2 minutes....etc {increasing grade by 2 each time}.
Repeat, increasing the incline grade until it is at it's highest peak...then, run on a flat grade until you reach 30 minutes, or run that way as long as you desire.

Heart rate soars. Calories burn. Faces turn bright red. I wish we had pictures for you! Make sure that after you are done with the run, you walk on the treadmill for several minutes. Don't just stop dead in your tracks and hop off. You will get nauseated and feel faint. Let your HR climb down naturally and slowly. Hydrate too.

Try it out this week!


  1. Nicki, this sounds too intense! Ah...I'm scared, haha :)

  2. face was red, yours was not!! My face gets red a lot, but y
    that was the reddest it's ever been on my life. It was grueling!!!

  3. Sounds like I'm glad I slept in today...again!

  4. I need to stop commenting with my phone! I have so many mess-ups! I love that you put wind it up on!!

  5. yikes...sounds killer. ya'll are amazing!!

  6. The ellipticals were taken at the SLC on Monday night so I used one of the other cross trainers. I was smokin on Level 12 so I decided to take it up to Level 15. Fifteen minutes later I was still feeling good so I took it up to 18. "Wow, MA - You're a rockstar! Forty minutes on Level 18 and then 20 minutes of weights!"

    ...Today I find out those stupid machines go up to Level 55.