Monday, January 11, 2010


I discovered through working out recently that I am a little bit of a weakling when it comes to upper body and core strength! I have the hardest time doing push-ups and planks, partly because I have weak shoulders and partly from my lack of core strength. I told Nicki I wanted to strengthen my shoulders, along with my core, which helps you in so many ways. Nicki assigned me some homework to do, and I thought I'd share with y'all! I am supposed to do 10 push-ups a night, and gradually increase as I can. I started last night, and it was fun! It quickly turned into a family activity as James jumped on Josh's back while he was doing his push-ups. :) James wanted to get in on the action and tried to do push-ups with us! I can already tell a difference since I started and I'm excited to see how many I can get to as I get stronger. Here are some pictures of our family push-up/plank workout session.
This is my push-up. It is REALLY hard to do 10, but I can do it now...and I'm sore!
(please excuse my dirty, 10 year old sweatshirt!)
My side-plank (is that what it's called?). These are harder than they look. I really am off of the ground, even though it's hard to see. :)
Josh doing them along with me for support.

James was all over this. He was very excited to "essersize" with us.
I'll report back how many I can do sometime soon!


  1. makes a mama proud! glad to see you are doing your homework! we will get you doing boy push-ups in a few months!

  2. i first thought your shirt said, 'homework'...haaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. I'm about to go put on my homework sweatshirt and do my push-ups! I made some for y'all too. Haha.:) It really does look like that!!

  4. THat is awesome Lauren. Chad and I have started P90X and I am able to do like 2 real push ups! I never thought I would see you do push are ispring me to work it!

  5. We did side-plank pushups in yoga the other day and they were SOOO hard, but I could feel them really working! Woo hoo!