Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something Different: Boot Camps

I had the privilege of having my college roomie and bestie, Coleen, come stay with us all weekend! She was an honorary "Junkie" for the day as she accompanied me to my Turbokick class and 1/3 of a Zumba class afterward! What a sport! She was super pumped about fitness because her Dallas company hired a Boot Camp instructor to work them out after hours at the office! She demonstrated a few moves with me on Friday night and it confirmed what I have always believed...heckuva workout! I LOVE Boot Camp format. You might like it too. It's not in a gym. Generally, weather permitting, the classes are held outdoors for one hour. I like the time options as well, they tend to be super early...think 5:15a.m. {yippee!}, mid-morning or after work hours around 5:30 p.m. So you have options. However, the BEST part of Boot Camp is what you do during the class. It is something new each time. It's not just push-ups {though they are a must}, its lots of running, hill climbing, squatting, lunging, tire pulling, sit-ups, tricep dips...sounds fun right? From what I hear, you hardly ever do the same thing! That is awesome in terms of keeping it interesting and preventing boredom. I also know it sounds only something a super duper fit person can do, but the challenge is to make you the best FIT that you can be! I think it is an awesome alternative if you can't get to a gym. There are a couple of things that might deter you. Cost. It varies, but it can seem a little pricey for the time frame. Time Frame? Generally 4-6 weeks/3 days a week. I think honestly, the cost is not that bad, but that means you HAVE to go if you sign up to really get all the bang for your buck. I looked up a few in the Texas area for you to sneak a peek at. Some of you may not be Texans, but google "Bootcamp fitness" and your city, state and you will get a load of listings. I was surprised at the number of them were available! They are a huge growing trend. Love. It. If any of you try it out, PLEASE email me and let me know! I would love to do a post from someone who has done one--pictures are great too! Here are a few near you...
The North Dallas Bootcamp {Coleen's trainer}

Jay Johnson Bootcamp Fitness {he trains the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders}

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  1. Hey Nicki! I have done a bootcamp with Austin Adventure. I did it in January of 2008, right before I got pregnant with Caden. I LOVED it! Because it is a bit pricey I knew I had to get up EVERY morning and go, even in the 20 degree weather... the rain... you name it! It was a nice change of pace from the gym! I couldn't walk for the first week (literally)... I will never look at a picnic bench the same way again!! BUT after that I was losing inches and feeling stronger and stronger! You should start a bootcamp in Waco!! :)

  2. Courtney and Mimi were in the same boot camp last fall! Talk to them!