Monday, January 4, 2010

Fer's 'Junkie' Workouts {Sunday and Monday}

First, I want to share pictures of disappointment. This was the Y this Monday {January 4}: DEAD! Desolate! No white sneakers! No new shorts with the MMMMMM sticker down the leg. They must have read the blog and knew I would be watching out for them! Where are ya morning peeps????
Ok, moving on to my friend Jennifer {I call her "Fer" or "Fer Fer"...a misfortune for most of my friends is that they all get a catchy nickname}. Fer oh Fer. She is a trainers dream. She comes whenever I tell her to. I sometimes want to skip, but I know Fer is going to be there waiting. She is diligent to say the least. And a people pleaser. She does what I tell her to without complaining. I sometimes feel bad telling her to keep going when I know she is completely spun. Just a sweet heart thru and thru {actually, ALL of the 'Junkies' are super duper sweet and quiet by nature--except for me!} . Fer has some baby weight to lose. Her weight was the opposite of mine, she put her's on after she quit breastfeeding--mine always goes the opposite, my body holds on tight until I drop a feeding or two. We had been doing about 30 minutes of cardio along with body shaping 2 days a week along with 1 turbokick class and another 45 minute workout on an extra day. When she reported to me that her scale was not budging--which is expected for a time since she is building muscle, but it is time her body starts letting it go! I had to rethink my new year's plan for Fer! I knew I needed to make her cardio workouts longer and more challenging, maximizing her calorie burn. Here's what we did the past 2 days. Maybe you can try it for yourself:
You will need: a treadmill
1. start out at a quick walk to warm up {5 min.}
2. run a as fast as you can {3 min.}
3. pull back and run a comfortable pace {2 min.}
4. repeat steps 2 & 3-- 3 times-- increasing the speed of each the run by a couple notches--you will really have to push yourself to run as fast as you can.
5. at his point, you should be at 20 minutes--jog at a comfortable pace {10 minutes}
6. walk on an incline of 11 {2 min.}, 13 {3 min.}, 15 {3 min}, 18 {2 min.}--at a slower walk--trying not to hold onto the handle.
7. repeat steps 2&3 {15 minutes}
8. repeat step 5 {10 minutes}
9. Run the final 5 minutes at a comfortable pace.
**note: your treadmill may not have as high of an incline. If not, start the walk section on whatever number is the half-way point on your treadmill's incline**
total time: 60 minutes
Next, you will need: set of dumbells {we used 8 lbs.}
Lunges up and back across the room with weights down by your side
Lunges up and back across the room holding weights straight overhead
Lunges up and back across the room doing a bicep curl while lunging
Total time: 75 minutes
Fer's total calories burned: 862 {when left the gym}, 1014 {30 minutes after workout, before eating dinner}
You will need: Elliptical {cardio}, set of weights, a mat {or you can do it on carpet}
Started out on the elliptical for 30 minutes on a pre-set sport interval *take advantage of the pre-set workouts on the elliptical--make sure you up your workload too*
Push ups using the weights, 3 sets of 10--make sure when you do any push up that you keep your booty tucked! Also, bring the chest towards the ground...don't cheat!

Tricep dips on the weights, 3 sets of 10 and 3 sets of a double count down--make sure your lift and lower yourself with your TRICEPS--they should be nice and tucked beside you--elbows facing the back, not out to the side! That is a HUGE mistake people make and it drives me bonkers!
Seated angle ab contractions with a bicep curl. Start sitting on floor, lean back until your upper body is at an angle, hard enought for you to feel your abs work, but you should still be able to hold yourself where you an curl a dumbell...*this is a pretty advanced move.*
Hold yourself steady and curl up single, then double count, then hold at a pulse, hold weights at your side and pulse for an 8-count, bring the right leg in, then left {alternating}, repeat {3 sets}

Total time: 45 minutes
Fer's total calories burned: 452 {when left the gym}, 574 {after returning home}.


  1. Three questions: what do you mean by double count down? You said that a couple of times in your post...
    Also, I understand the push-ups but on the tricep dips, is her butt coming off the ground? I can't figure out what's she doing? I do dips, but they are on a bench...
    Also, I'm not sure I understand the seated ab contractions (maybe I'm not coordinating my arms and legs right) you have a video?

  2. Wow! I look just lovely at 6:15 in the morning! Ha! Oh friends, these workouts (especially the one from Sunday) are killers, but so worth it! The double count down is lowering the weights down counting 1, 2, then back up 1, 2...just a slower pace of lifting and lowering the weights. On the dips, your butt is off the ground, use only your arms to lift and lower your body. On the ab contractions, lean back as far as you can (you should feel your abs get tight) and only move your arms for bicep curls. When you switch to crunches, you keep your arms still at 90 degrees and crunch your abs. Hope this makes sense for you tanner348.