Thursday, January 7, 2010

Junkie Confessions: How We Spent New Year's Night

Maybe this will discredit us. Oh well. It is truth! Though we work super hard to stay in shape, some days we are just plain ol' stressed out, hormonal women. Who need ice cream. So the minute the husbands give us clearance to go "have fun" on our own, we do what most well-intended women And go to a separate locale for dessert. BUT don't you worry, the next day, Fer and I burned up mucho calories in Turbokick. So, I think OCCASIONALLY you can indulge. Key word: Occasionally. Did you hear it? OCCASIONALLY!!

So, there it is. The first naughty confession from 3/4 of the group. Coming up in the next posts:
healthy snacks and meals {seems to be a sought after subject!} so stay tuned! And how are your workouts coming along?!?!?!??! Do tell!


  1. ya'll are too cute! yes, the occasional splurge is a life to the fullest right?? and ahhh, we must choose those splurges carefully and i'd say a Blizzard is by far, the BEST choice around!!! go girls!

  2. At least your Dairy Queen is open year round...where I live it's only open from
    March 1st-November 1st...
    8.31 miles ran, 4.75 miles walked, and 5 miles the last 4 days, plus weight training all 4 days...

  3. WOW!!! you go girl!!! makes us so proud! keep up the great and hard work!!!

  4. Not a picture of me in my jacket from 1997! How horrible!!! On top of needing to drop my weight, I need to go on a shopping spree for a new, trendy attire.

    And note, I didn't go work out with them on Saturday. Too bad, I'm the wayward junkie.

    One day, sooner than later, I'll get on track.

  5. And Jennifer, why are your pictures all red tented??? Tell your hubby to get you a new camera! :)

  6. Ha Ha! I will tell him to read that comment for sure!