Sunday, January 10, 2010

Health{ier} Foods

I would be lying thru my teeth if I told you nutrition was my "thing". Ladies, that is precisely one of the reasons WHY I work out! I have a candy-sweet tooth that would make all dentists cringe if they saw me get ahold of some Hot Tamales. Still, I do follow a couple of simple rules for myself and my family when it comes to eating meals and snacking. Eat in moderation and eat as organically as possible. A HUGE thing I have changed about our family meals that I would love to share with you all is switching from ground beef to ground turkey. I know, you are thinking your husband is already "bleching" at the switch. It is so much leaner and the white meat is better cholesterol wise. Actually, men should be jumping at the switch! Truth be told turkey burger is not a good ol' juicy burger. THAT you can tell a difference in. However, casseroles, tacos, soups, pasta...honestly, once the seasoning is on it, it is hardly a difference. Try it this week. See what you think! Someone commented a question asking what I ate in a typical day. Besides all the cereal and goldfish my kids drop on the floor, I am guessing is what you want to know. In that case, I usually start out my day with either cereal or oatmeal. Cereal: Cheerios, Oatmeal Squares, Kashi, Raisin Bran. If I eat oatmeal, it is laced with blueberries or bananas or craisins, a little milk and brown sugar {I am sorry, but I have to a little!}. Lunch. Oh lunch. I loathe lunch. I don't know why. I am ok with it if I am eating out, but I really don't like it at home. I am not much for sandwiches, so I most often opt for deli-sliced turkey {by itself--rolled up} and a string cheese. Probably a few Central Market veggie chips and I always have to have something sweet...piece of fruit, a few choco chips...just a little something to satisfy. Dinner is always different. I make a lot of different stuff. Soft tacos, soups, salmon, talapia, casseroles. I make it all. I always try to have a veggie in there too. Sometimes fresh, sometimes frozen or canned. But let me be frank, my kids do not eat everything on their plate!

A few of you guys wanted to know what snacks I recommend. And GOD BLESS you nursing moms. Man alive, I remember how hungry I was! You can double your portions!!!
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE grapes. Our house is always stocked with them and they are always out on the counter for all to enjoy. I usually have to buy them twice a week. Also, blueberries. We snack on grapes though all the time.
Also, if you can stomach it, cottage cheese {Me likey a lot}. I love to put applesauce in it as a snack. Or sometimes for lunch I will make a big bowl of it with grapes, apples, bananas cut up in it. I love it though. You can't really make yourself like it if you don't. Also, in the summer with watermelon...HEAVEN to my tasties.

Almonds. But hear me. The plain kind. No salt. No sugar. And a handful is all ya need. Put some raisins in it or a few craisins and put it in a baggie when you are headed out the door and you have a pretty sustaining snack!

Ok, Kashi. I heart everything Kashi. I like it all and I recommend it all. BUT these are great for the itties and for you! I always have one in my purse, I have low blood sugar and get pre-tty cranky if I don't get somethin' in me! I also always eat one on the way to the gym for the wee-hour workouts. They are yummy and natural. Better than Nutrigrain.

Lastly, love love love. I love organic yogurt. The Yoplait is yummy, but it does not have all the "goods". The probiotics. Me and the kids eat these all the time. Good for them and me. Also, I will throw some cereal in there or make a parfait and the kids are so excited to have a treat! I am excited it is healthy.
Those are just a few. I would love to hear feedback on anything you try!!!


  1. Love everything you suggested (except the cottage cheese--I can't tell you how many times I've tried to like it and my gag reflects kicks in), but I especially am partial to organic everything, plus almonds, string cheese, and grapes. I have insulin resistance, so it's important for me to always pair a carb with a protein (grapes and almonds). Pairing stuff helps so much with energy levels.

    Great post, Nicki!

  2. Thanks for this post! Loved reading it! We have almost totally switched to ground turkey- i love it and Blake doesn't have a clue most of the time :) I would love to see some healthy yummy dinner recipes if you want to share :)

  3. We're all about the craisins in the Cox Casa. Caro was prone to UTI when she was a tiny tot, and was exposed to MANY a cup of white cranberry juice. Now she's a cranberry fanatic - which I love!

    One snack that I used to love and have recently reintegrated into my purse/car console/activity bag are single servings of the Post Honey Nut Shredded Wheat. The cinnamon was my fave, but they discontinued it. I just love having something crunchy and filling to snack on if we're out an about. Plus, I can keep a stash in the car and not worry about them spoiling.

    I will give a heads up though - while other varieties of shredded wheat are fab with cold or warm milk, the Post brand is the only one I can chew and swallow without milk. Something about the way they're baked.

  4. I get low blood sugar easily and I also hate lunch food at home, so I like to snack on (or even eat as my whole lunch) Colby jack cheese cracker cuts and garlic herb tricuits together. We are also big grape eaters!! I am always pulling out cheese sticks, making my own peanut butter crackers with ritz (the whole grain kind, although I'm sure it's still not the healthiest thing in the world), and like Nicki, we eat plain almonds. These all help me get through the day with plenty of energy.

  5. You have convinced me to try the ground turkey and try to snack healthier. I like Jennifer lost all plus some extra baby weight breastfeeding. I haven't stopped yet and have gotten in habit of not eating that well but after reading this I am going to try to start eating and snacking healthier so when I do stop breastfeeding I hopefully won't start packing on pounds. Excited about yalls blog. I am a bit of a cardio junkie myself but have been having a hard time finding the time since having Ava Kate.