Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Junkie Recommendation: The Serena Williams Interval Run

Disclaimer: Though I endorse this product, there is no way in you know where that you will ever get the kind of jacked body that Serena has.

While on vacation, I did manage to drag myself to the resort's gym 4 times. They had a lot of treadmills. So I figured the best and most efficient thing for me to do was to run. After a couple of sessions, I got bored. Thumbing thru some music on my Ipod, I ran across an untitled track. It was a forgotten treasure!!! My Serena Williams Interval Run! It's a music-driven, interval challenge with Serena coming on to cue your speed. I like it! The music is pretty decent. And I actually am challenged by her taunting {as cheesy as that sounds}. Let's just be honest, we all want to please Serena Williams! So, yes, it is motivating as well as challenging. I also think it is best to try it on the treadmill because you can actually see your progress each run {i.e. you ran 2.7 the first time, but 3.1 the second time}. You can improve your speed and distance. You can also do it outside, I have done it and it is very difficult!!! I would NOT recommend doing it outside in the peak heat of the day! I also would only do it a couple of times a week max. With the music being the same, and you begin to memorize the cues...boredom will set in. Definitely a great way to increase calorie burn on a humdrum run! I believe there are 2 runs to download. You can find it on Itunes!


  1. oooooh, i may need this to help with my runs as i train for this 1/2 coming up in november. i am already getting bored with my running on the treadmill and it's only been 2 weeks - ha!

    thanks Nicki!!!!

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