Sunday, November 28, 2010

SKIP the WHIP!!!

Hold the {coffee} presses!! Zowee! I know how many of us looove to drive thru on a crazy cold, hectic morning and get ourselves a nice latte at Starbucks. I want to share some alarming news with ya what may determine how you order from now on!
A grande peppermint mocha made the usual way with WHIPPED CREAM is a whopping 420 calories and 18 grams of fat!! Whoa there! You'd be better off eating a regular hamburger at Wendy's! But get this, make it a non-fat Peppermint latte with NO WHIPPED CREAM and you knock it down to 280 calories with only 3 grams of fat! Huge difference! Calories are tricky, especially when it comes to drinking them because we don't always think about it. I say, be smart and skip the whip!!!


  1. Too true about that delicious whip!

    I like the idea of the peppermint latte because the nonfat milk is important to squeeze into my diet.

    But, for those of you who are like me and really want the chocolate with the peppermint, you can grab a Grande Peppermint Mocha coffee for 95 calories and 1.5 grams of fat!

  2. (that's with 2 pumps of peppermint syrup and 2 pumps of mocha syrup)