Saturday, December 26, 2009

Burn Baby, Burn!

Ok, so I am a wee bit biased. However, the numbers don't lie. Turbo Kick is just a wonderful workout. It burns more calories in an hour {if you are putting your 100% effort} in than most workouts. I know there are a ton of great workouts out there that I love {spinning, running, Zumba}, and I don't want this blog to be a Turbo-only blog--trust me, I know not everyone will love it. Actually, one of the 'Junkies' is not a fan! However, it is just a powerhouse for cardio. A girl in my class this morning approached me afterward and said she has lost 85 pounds since March just by doing Turbo Kick! What an inspiration!!!!

For instance, in my class this morning, I burned 601 calories. After class, I ran errands and when I returned home to eat lunch, my total calories burn was 863 calories. Remember, that working out brings your heart rate and metablism up, allowing you to burn more afterward. That is a lot of calories. Also, I am small and my resting heart rate is low, so it takes a lot of effort for me to burn that much. For someone heavier with a higher heartrate working to their maximum capacity, they would burn even more!

If you have never seen it or taken a class, I URGE you to! The thing about it is that you need to do it a few times to catch on. It does require a good amount of coordination and stamina. But even with that being said, all instructors teach in "layers" so if you are a beginner, you can do it lower impact, if you are more advanced, you can go crazy! That is what I love about it!!!

If you want to see a sample of a class, check this out!

If you don't think working out at a gym is for you, check out the different home workouts! Same kind of workout! I am an advocate for gym workouts for motivation and the ENERGY is awesome!! However, I know there are a lot of factors that keep people from being able to work out at a gym, so home workout is the next best thing!!!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing about your workout plans for the New Year!

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  1. ahhhh! miss my TBK SOOOOOO!!! Cannot wait to get back in class and get my groove on and my bootie back in shape...woo hoo! :)